Collections Development Policy

IWM Equality Strategy

IWM Access Policy 2016

IWM aims to ensure that equality of opportunity, access and participation is offered to the broadest possible cross section of stakeholders and users. This will be achieved through greater focus on workforce diversity. IWM will also develop an improved understanding of the diverse needs of service users in order to deliver targeted Action Plans. 

Privacy and Copyright

Complaints Policy

Complaints procedures

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy

IWM has a responsibility to safeguard the children and vulnerable adults using its sites and services. By creating this policy, IWM understands that safeguarding children and vulnerable adults is a responsibility that is shared across the whole organisation. The guidelines in this policy and accompanying procedures will ensure that there is no doubt over obligations and standards.

Sustainable Development Policy Statement

This statement sets out IWM's sustainability commitments to staff, visitors, communities and stakeholders. IWM is developing a Sustainable Development Strategy to deliver against the policy statement objectives to ensure that our impact on the environment is minimised.

IWM Donor, Supporter and Sponsor Relationship Policy

IWM Donor Naming Opportunities Policy

Standards of Service

We want you to enjoy your visit to any of our branches, and endeavour to offer the highest possible standards of service. We aim to maximise all forms of access to the Museum's Collections, displays, and educational resources and to ensure that:

  • our staff are helpful, courteous and efficient
  • our displays are well presented and informative
  • every effort is made to provide access for visitors with disabilities
  • all branches of the Museum are kept clean and well maintained for your comfort and safety
  • all our services will be of a high standard and good value for money