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  • Mont St Quentin and Péronne From Near Maisonette, 1918

    Mont St Quentin and Péronne From Near Maisonette, 1918

    (art) Made by: Hodge, Francis Edwin 1919

    Art.IWM ART 2289

    image: A view of Péronne and Mont St Quentin with artillery fire on the peak of the hill. The town lies at the foot of the hills, and the river below this.

  • The QMAAC Convalescent Home, Le Touquet, 1919

    The QMAAC Convalescent Home, Le Touquet, 1919

    (art) Made by: Lavery, John 1919

    Art.IWM ART 2885

    image: A view of the outside of an attractive white building with a red roof used as a convalescent home. The building has a verandah, where several uniformed figures are sitting on chairs. In the right foreground, two uniformed figures sit in chairs...

  • Welsh Knife with scabbard

    Welsh Knife with scabbard

    (Weapons and ammunition) Made by: Wilkinson Sword Co Ltd, London (Undefined)

    WEA 785

    The "Welsh Knife" was designed in 1916 by the sculptor and armourer Felix Joubert and patented by him, as a "new or improved trench knife". It was allegedly based on an ancient Welsh weapon, although the existence of such a distinctly...

  • Canadian trench knife [converted Ross bayonet] with scabbard

    Canadian trench knife [converted Ross bayonet] with scabbard

    (Weapons and ammunition)

    WEA 784

    Canadian trench knife [converted Ross bayonet] with scabbard

  • Colt New Service (commercial post-1905)

    Colt New Service (commercial post-1905)

    (Weapons and ammunition) Made by: Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Co, Hartford, CT, USA 1914

    FIR 10551

    This Colt New Service (see FIR 11511) was damaged on 12 March 1915, in the course of an action in which Lieutenant C G Martin won the Victoria Cross. Martin, a Royal Engineer (56th Field Company), volunteered to lead a bombing attack with men of the 3rd...

  • Webley .455 Mark 5 (V military)

    Webley .455 Mark 5 (V military)

    (Weapons and ammunition) Made by: P Webley & Son, Birmingham England 1915

    FIR 46

    The Webley Mk V was the standard British service revolver at the outbreak of the First World War. It was one of a series of .455 inch calibre Webley revolvers which were the standard issue pistols of the British Army from 1887 onwards. They were robust...

  • MG 08/15

    MG 08/15

    (Weapons and ammunition)

    FIR 8063

    The MG 08/15 was the standard light machine-gun of the German Army during the First World War. Its origins lay in a wish to respond to the British deployment of the Lewis Gun (see FIR 8047) on the Western Front. Effective light machine-gun designs were...

  • Russian Maxim M1905 Machine-gun [German 7.92mm conversion]

    Russian Maxim M1905 Machine-gun [German 7.92mm conversion]

    (Weapons and ammunition) Made by: Imperial Arsenal, Tula, Russia 1908

    FIR 9269

    This Model 1905 Maxim machine-gun was manufactured at the Russian Imperial Arsenal at Tula in 1908. The M1905 was the first machine-gun to be produced in Russia, although Maxim guns had been purchased from Britain and Germany since 1889. The M1905 was...

  • MG 08

    MG 08

    (Weapons and ammunition) Made by: Gewehrfabrik Spandau, Berlin-Spandau, Germany 1916

    FIR 9151

    The standard German machine-gun of the First World War, the MG08 was a water-cooled weapon employing the Maxim system of operation (see FIR 8095). The German Army was well equipped with machine-guns and accorded its machine-gunners an elite status....

  • gargoyle


    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    EPH 2779

    Item of ornate architectural detail from St Martin's Cathedral (Ypres, Belgium) acquired during the First World War by Major R J Craig (Army Service Corps). Major Craig collected the stone head in 1917 after the Cathedral had been substantially...