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  • dog's gas mask

    dog's gas mask

    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    EPH 2907

    gas mask, with cotton drill carrying bag and leaflet.

  • badge, headdress, British, Home Guard

    badge, headdress, British, Home Guard

    (uniforms and insignia) Made by: A Stanley and Sons, Walsall

    INS 7379

    Second World War period plastic badge for women serving in the Home Guard. This badge is associated with the service Mrs A Fletcher (née Ascott) in the the 58th County of London (Civil Service Battalion) Home Guard. From April 1943 onwards, women were...

  • badge, 'V for Victory', British

    badge, 'V for Victory', British

    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    EPH 528

    Second World War period 'V' for Victory patriotic propaganda badge, British Home Front associations.

  • badge, civilian, British, Salvage Steward

    badge, civilian, British, Salvage Steward

    (uniforms and insignia) Made by: F8G

    INS 7333

    Second World War British Home Front badge for a civilian Salvage Steward. The Salvage Steward badge was introduced in February 1942 for those authorised to collect or organise salvage. Red badges were worn by part-time stewards appointed by local...

  • ARP illuminated 'Shelter' sign

    ARP illuminated 'Shelter' sign


    FEQ 403

    Sign: metal box sign (L 30in x W 18in x H 13in), electrically operated and fitted with an overhanging top to limit any stray light. The box is fitted with translucent plastic inserts/markings as follows: arrow / large letter 'S' / 'SHELTER...

  • 40 5e 19 (50) electric timer

    40 5e 19 (50) electric timer

    (Weapons and ammunition)

    MUN 3303

    German Second World War electric timer from an aerial mine which was dropped in May 1941 during the blitz on the port of Hull. The inscription commemorates Squadron Leader G Ryall's bomb-disposal work in connection with making the mine safe.

  • wing tip from Gloster Meteor aircraft serial number EE 216

    wing tip from Gloster Meteor aircraft serial number EE 216

    (souvenirs and ephemera) Made by: Gloster Aircraft Co Ltd

    EPH 4609

    Wing tip: metal wing tip (L 120cm x W 38cm x H 13.5cm) with painted inscription and engraved technical information.

  • Overalls, Civilian Factory Workers

    Overalls, Civilian Factory Workers

    (uniforms and insignia)

    UNI 12466

    Second World War period overalls worn by aircraft factory worker Edith Fosdike who was employed at AV Roe, Chadderton (Manchester) between 1940-1943. Mrs Fosdike was one of fifty women who worked on the 'Burr' bench, responsible for filing...

  • fuze timer (electro-mechanical)

    fuze timer (electro-mechanical)

    (Weapons and ammunition) Made by: atb (Hydrometer AG)

    MUN 3867

    Second World War German electro-mechanical fuze timer that was removed from a parachute mine, which fell through the top of a large gasometer at Garston Gas Works, Liverpool, on 28 November 1940. The mine was made safe by Temporary Lieutenant (later...