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  • (Derived Title) Schwesternpflege

    (Derived Title) Schwesternpflege

    (Decorations and awards) Made by: Burger-Hartmann, S 1915

    Art.IWM MED 723

    obverse design : nurse, kneeling facing left, holding a cup to the lips of wounded soldier who reclines, left, against his haversack. Below the two figures, lower edge, the dates "1914" and "1915" reverse text : "DURCH...

  • Wien Während des Weltkrieges

    Wien Während des Weltkrieges

    (Decorations and awards) Made by: Gurschner, Gustave 1915

    Art.IWM MED 213

    obverse design: shield, bearing the arms of the city of Vienna and date "1914", behind which stand two female figures. One, on the left facing left, holds a basket filled with bread and offers bread to a veiled woman who sits facing her. The...