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  • Journée Patriotique [Patriotic Day]

    Journée Patriotique [Patriotic Day]

    (posters) Made by: Unknown (Undefined) 1916-07-16

    Art.IWM PST 12625

    whole: the title is positioned in the upper quarter, with the text occupying the remainder, both in blue. The text is divided into sections by a number of vertical and horizontal blue lines. All set against a white background. image: text only. text:...

  • Een Verhaal voor Groote Menschen

    Een Verhaal voor Groote Menschen

    (posters) Made by: Bertau, José 1944

    Art.IWM PST 8080

    whole: the 16 images occupy the majority, each held within a narrow black and white border. The title is separate and located along the top edge, in black. The text is separate and positioned across the lower three-quarters, as captions, in black. All...