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  • Relaxation in the Front Line

    Relaxation in the Front Line

    (art) Made by: Gross, Anthony 1941

    Art.IWM ART LD 1220

    image: a group of British soldiers relax by fishing from the harbour wall at Dover, a small lighthouse immediately behind them. In the foreground, one man bends down to unhook a large fish he has just caught, the fish lying amongst an assortment of large...

  • The Chess Players

    The Chess Players

    (art) Made by: Evans, Merlyn 1951

    Art.IWM ART 16441

    image: two slightly sinister and robotic-looking figures play a game of chess in a room, a window visible in the top left of the composition. Their bodies, the chess board, a chair and surrounding elements of the room form a mix of interesting shapes.

  • Un Philosophe, 1915 [A Philosopher, 1915]

    Un Philosophe, 1915 [A Philosopher, 1915]

    (art) Made by: Bruyer, Georges 1915

    Art.IWM BUTE 106

    image: A single figure of a poilu standing upon a trench parapet, facing left to right. He wears kepi and a woman's scarf around his head, neck and chest, into which his right hand is thrust. He leans thoughtfully on his left arm, gazing into...

  • 'Chouette, c'est l'Armistice' [Great - it's the Armstice]

    'Chouette, c'est l'Armistice' [Great - it's the Armstice]

    (art) Made by: Balancy, G 1918

    Art.IWM BUTE 107

    image: Two poilu in a cellar conversing. In the centre of the composition the first soldier stands with his back towards the viewer, gesticulating with his left arm to his seated companion who looks up at him with a bemused expression. He holds in his...

  • Campement à l'Arrière [Encampment Behind the Lines]

    Campement à l'Arrière [Encampment Behind the Lines]

    (art) Made by: Brouet, Auguste 1915

    Art.IWM BUTE 124

    image: An encampment of soldier's shanties behind the lines. In the foreground two poilus are seated at a rough table playing cards and are watched by a third figure carrying two buckets, his back turned towards the viewer. To the left of the...

  • [Untitled]


    (art) Made by: Brouet, Auguste 1917

    Art.IWM BUTE 123

    image: Six poilus relax in a dugout, all are seated except for one standing figure in the background. To the left of composition and reclining with his back to the viewer the foreground figure watches his companions gossip and read the paper.