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  • The Chess Players

    The Chess Players

    (art) Made by: Evans, Merlyn 1951

    Art.IWM ART 16441

    image: two slightly sinister and robotic-looking figures play a game of chess in a room, a window visible in the top left of the composition. Their bodies, the chess board, a chair and surrounding elements of the room form a mix of interesting shapes.

  • Campement à l'Arrière [Encampment Behind the Lines]

    Campement à l'Arrière [Encampment Behind the Lines]

    (art) Made by: Brouet, Auguste 1915

    Art.IWM BUTE 124

    image: An encampment of soldier's shanties behind the lines. In the foreground two poilus are seated at a rough table playing cards and are watched by a third figure carrying two buckets, his back turned towards the viewer. To the left of the...