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  • Royal Navy Stokers Required

    Royal Navy Stokers Required

    (posters) Made by: McNeill, J (Undefined) 1913-09

    Art.IWM PST 0805

    whole: the emblem of the Royal Navy heads the design, with the text positioned centrally in red and black. Nine small images surround the text. image: nine images featuring, clockwise, a sailor standing in a Mediterranean port, two sailors walking along...

  • Honourable Artillery Company

    Honourable Artillery Company

    (posters) Made by: Unknown (Undefined)

    Art.IWM PST 0872

    whole: five separate images are positioned in the upper half, with one image positioned across the bottom edge. The title is separate and positioned across the top, in blue outlined yellow, with the text separate and positioned mainly in the lower half,...

  • (Allocated Title) [Les Sports]

    (Allocated Title) [Les Sports]

    (Decorations and awards) Made by: Coudray, Lucien 1902

    Art.IWM MED 410

    obverse design : Gallia, standing facing right, helmeted, wearing ornate cuirass and robes, her left arm extended and holding a laurel branch in her right hand. Beside her, to right, a naked man, standing with his body towards the observer and his head...