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  • The Wrong Heart Bleeds for War

    The Wrong Heart Bleeds for War

    (Decorations and awards) Made by: Wales, Polly 2004

    Art.IWM MED 1106

    whole: Part of the breastpocket of a pinstriped suit. A garnet drop hangs from a gold chain pinned to the suit with a fish hook shaped pin.

  • Anti-War Medal

    Anti-War Medal

    (Decorations and awards) Made by: Cavalan, Pierre 2004

    Art.IWM MED 1109

    whole: A composite medal, made of many elements. In the centre is a half dollar coin, with a 'Purple Heart' hinged below it. The coin is flanked by two skeletons, and topped with an enamel badge reading 'I Feel Good', with a red glass...

  • Medal


    (Decorations and awards) Made by: Griffiths, Autumn Dawn 2004

    Art.IWM MED 1108

    whole: A bar, with four flowers modelled in relief. Each flower has three layers of four petals. The edge of the bar is bevelled, and decorative studs are spaced around the edge. On the reverse of the bar are two butterfly clips in the form of four...

  • War Proliferates

    War Proliferates

    (Decorations and awards) Made by: Townsend, Jen 2004

    Art.IWM MED 1107

    whole: In the form of a bullet, tipped with black onyx. The bullet is topped by a bow, with the words 'WAR PROLIFERATES' etched into it repeatedly. On the back of the bow is a small brooch pin.

  • Peace, like a dove ...

    Peace, like a dove ...

    (Decorations and awards) Made by: Zell, Laura D 2004

    Art.IWM MED 1105

    whole: A medal in the form of a dove, flying straight upwards. The dove is white, with a pattern of olive branches. The medal is suspended from a double bow in cream ribbon, which has a brooch pin on the reverse.