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  • Buried


    (art) Made by: Doherty, Willie 2009

    Art.IWM ART 17559

    whole: Buried is a film about landscape and memory, about the difficulties of addressing painful, violent events in a post-conflict situation. The viewer is taken on a disturbing journey into a dark forest. As tension mounts Doherty plays with our...

  • Sectarian Armour, 1994

    Sectarian Armour, 1994

    (art) Made by: Kindness, John 1994

    Art.IWM ART 16636

    image: body armour in the style of a denim jacket, decorated with etched and gilded designs. On the left side of the jacket the design incorporates a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, a bulldog and English roses. The right side shows a Madonna and Child,...

  • Scots-Irish/Irish-Scots


    (art) Made by: BUCHANAN, RODERICK 2011

    Art.IWM ART 17576

    Two screen projection side by side, divided by a partition. The films follow two Scottish flute bands during the marching season in Northern Ireland in 2009/10. The films are shown simultaneously, to give both sides equal levels of representation. One...

  • Wasteland 9

    Wasteland 9

    (art) Made by: Davies, Anthony 1985

    Art.IWM ART 16383 9

    image: a small group of heavily tattoed young men sit in and stand beside a car, the walls of houses visible behind. The men bear tattoes ranging from the names of parents and relatives to more sinister symbols of the National Front, including swastikas...

  • No Surrender 3

    No Surrender 3

    (art) Made by: Davies, Anthony 1986

    Art.IWM ART 16384 3

    image: two policemen of the Royal Ulster Constabulary and a man in a suit accompany a hooded prisoner, who walks with the aid of a stick and has his face completely concealed. In the foreground a photographer captures the scene.

  • No Surrender 14

    No Surrender 14

    (art) Made by: Davies, Anthony 1987

    Art.IWM ART 16384 14

    image: a man with his hands bound together with metal chains stands behind a cage-like metal fence. Beside him are three other men, two of them wearing glasses, who appear to be shouting and gesturing.

  • Wasteland 11

    Wasteland 11

    (art) Made by: Davies, Anthony 1986

    Art.IWM ART 16383 11

    image: a building site with several workmen constructing a building, with a large image of an old man dominating the foreground. There is a mother with two children in the lower foreground and an old woman standing to the right. Various political...

  • No Surrender 40

    No Surrender 40

    (art) Made by: Davies, Anthony 1986

    Art.IWM ART 16384 40

    image: two armed male paramilitaries, wearing balaclavas, military uniform and brandishing semi-automatic rifles, stand with their weapons in their left hands, the butts resting on their waists.

  • No Surrender 4

    No Surrender 4

    (art) Made by: Davies, Anthony 1986

    Art.IWM ART 16384 4

    image: two riot police wearing helmets and holding truncheons bend over a prostrate man lying on the ground. The feet of another person lying on the ground are visible in the left foreground.

  • No Surrender 1

    No Surrender 1

    (art) Made by: Davies, Anthony 1986

    Art.IWM ART 16384 1

    image: a view through a window of a desolate urban scene. A long wall divides the view, the wall itself covered with various graffitti, including the marks of the IRA. Buildings within the wall are similarly covered in graffitti, with large metal...