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  • The Visitation

    The Visitation

    (art) Made by: de Francia, Peter 1989

    Art.IWM ART 16371

    image: four soldiers lie and sit underneath a shelter made of camouflaged sheeting to the left, three of the men sleeping. The fourth, writing a letter, stares in disbelief at a figure on the right, who brandishes a skull taken from a basket that he...

  • Follow the Fuhrer Above the Clouds, 1942

    Follow the Fuhrer Above the Clouds, 1942

    (art) Made by: Nash, Paul 1942

    Art.IWM ART LD 7226

    image: a surreal depiction of a squadron of German aircraft flying over a sunlit cloudscape, accompanied by a huge flying shark.

  • Executed for No Apparent Reason; a Study of the Mind or Something

    Executed for No Apparent Reason; a Study of the Mind or Something

    (art) Made by: Thrale, Charles

    Art.IWM ART 15417 101

    No description available

  • On the Wire - Inspired by "With a Machine Gun to Cambrai"

    On the Wire - Inspired by "With a Machine Gun to Cambrai"

    (art) Made by: Roberts, William 1972

    Art.IWM ART 6172

    image: a group of British soldiers, dead and dying, lie entagled in a web of barbed wire before a German trench.

  • Damaged Steel Girders, Bristol 1941

    Damaged Steel Girders, Bristol 1941

    (art) Made by: Vézelay, Paule 1941

    Art.IWM ART LD 7206

    image: An abstract composition of coiled and twisted girders of all sizes.

  • Learning to Fly

    Learning to Fly

    (art) Made by: Keane, John 1983

    Art.IWM ART 15598

    image: a depiction of a bomber jet aircraft and helicopter in flight, with two flighless penguins in the lower part of the composition.

  • Autobiographical Text

    Autobiographical Text

    (private papers) Made by: Zinkeisen, Doris Clare 1981

    Art.IWM ARCH 29

    whole: autobiographical manuscript describing Doris Zinkeisen’s experiences during the Second World War, in particular references to Belsen and the images in the IWM collection. Four handwritten pages and a typed transcript.

  • Norwich Being Bombed, 1942

    Norwich Being Bombed, 1942

    (art) Made by: Self, Colin 2001

    Art.IWM ART 16766

    image: Two aircraft drop bombs over Norwich, the cathedral spire visible in the distance on the right. Flames can be seen coming from buildings. In the left foreground there are men firing an anti-aircraft gun, and a woman pushing a child in a pram.

  • Untitled [Rocks]

    Untitled [Rocks]

    (art) Made by: Trollope, Roy (Artist) 1994

    Art.IWM Art 17471

    image: a mountain of rounded stones being climbed by an outlined figure on the left of the page. With each stone various figures, faces and activities are depicted. On the right a second figure is sitting on a stone, looking upwards. This figure is...

  • CQBR [Close Quarters Battle Range]

    CQBR [Close Quarters Battle Range]

    (art) Made by: Johnson, Glenys 1985

    Art.IWM ART 16825

    whole: A work in two parts, mounted side by side, consisting of text and image. image: Four houses, built in two blocks of two, in waste ground. Behind the left hand block can be seen the tower and spire of a church. text: CLOSE QUARTER BATTLE RANGE...