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  • The Angels of Destruction

    The Angels of Destruction

    (art) Made by: Adams, Norman

    Art.IWM ART 17276

    image: Above a limbless figure sitting in an abstracted cityscape, blue cruciform shapes marked with RAF roundels fly in a sky crossed with pink and yellow searchlights.

  • Stop the War Coalition Poster Number 8 [War Kills]

    Stop the War Coalition Poster Number 8 [War Kills]

    (posters) Made by: Steadman, Ralph (Undefined) 2003

    Art.IWM PST 8861

    whole: The poster has a white background. Across the top of the sheet is a line of green type with a green and black circular logo in the upper right corner. The majority of the page is filled by the image. Below the image is a large line of black type...

  • The Naming of Parts

    The Naming of Parts

    (art) Made by: Crook, P J 2003

    Art.IWM ART 16846

    image: a wooden cutlery tray balances on some wooden blocks on a small bookcase, forming a display container for various wooden items: spheres, cubes and cones, counters for board games and pieces that look as if they may have once been part of a chair...

  • Stop the War Coalition Poster Number 5 [Stop It Now]

    Stop the War Coalition Poster Number 5 [Stop It Now]

    (posters) Made by: Stop the War Coalition (publisher/sponsor) 2003

    Art.IWM PST 8858

    whole: The poster has a white background. Across the top of the sheet there is one line of green type and a circular logo in green and black in the upper right corner. The upper portion is filled by the drawn image. The lower portion is filled by two...

  • Buried


    (art) Made by: Doherty, Willie 2009

    Art.IWM ART 17559

    whole: Buried is a film about landscape and memory, about the difficulties of addressing painful, violent events in a post-conflict situation. The viewer is taken on a disturbing journey into a dark forest. As tension mounts Doherty plays with our...

  • 'Mad Dogs and Englishmen...'

    'Mad Dogs and Englishmen...'

    (posters) Made by: Kuhn, Leon (Undefined) 2003

    Art.IWM PST 8862

    whole:The image occupies the main and is framed by a black border. The title is positioned below the image in black. Additional text is also set below the image in black and red. image: A digital montage showing George W Bush, depicted as a slavering pit...

  • Scots-Irish/Irish-Scots


    (art) Made by: BUCHANAN, RODERICK 2011

    Art.IWM ART 17576

    Two screen projection side by side, divided by a partition. The films follow two Scottish flute bands during the marching season in Northern Ireland in 2009/10. The films are shown simultaneously, to give both sides equal levels of representation. One...

  • Queen and Country

    Queen and Country

    (art) Made by: McQueen, Steve

    Art.IWM ART 17290

    Wooden stamp cabinet on metal legs with 120 double-sided wooden sliders in which are displayed 136 prints in the form of sheets of stamps featuring portrait photograph images of British military personnel who died on active service in Iraq.

  • Stop the War Coalition Poster Number 1

    Stop the War Coalition Poster Number 1

    (posters) Made by: Kennard, Peter (Undefined) 2003

    Art.IWM PST 8854

    whole:sheet is filled by the photomonatged image on a black background. A line of green type runs along the top of the sheet, next to it is a circular logo in green, white and black. image: A photograph of the world wearing a gas mask. The American flag...

  • Concentrate


    (art) Made by: Ryan, Paul 2001

    Art.IWM ART 16767

    image: The concentration camp Auschwitz I, showing the camp buildings and the surrounding fence and watchtowers.