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  • The Commandant

    The Commandant

    (art) Made by: Spencer, Stanley

    Art.IWM ART 3880

    image: a British Army officer emerges from the entrance of a command post dug into the side of a mound. To the left a British infantryman stands in front of some bushes, carrying his rifle on his back.

  • Study for a Trench Mortar Firing at Evening. (No 3910)

    Study for a Trench Mortar Firing at Evening. (No 3910)

    (art) Made by: Nash, John

    Art.IWM ART 3914

    image: a squared up sketch of four British soldiers manning a trench mortar position in a wood. The four men form a human chain from right to the left, the man on the right taking mortars from a stack under the parapet and passing them along, with the...

  • A Highlander Passing a Grave

    A Highlander Passing a Grave

    (art) Made by: Orpen, William 1917

    Art.IWM ART 2995

    image: A soldier from a Highland regiment standing on a mound of white chalky soil against a dark blue sky. He holds his rifle in his right hand, and looks down at a grave marked with a cross on the left. There is another marked grave in the distance.

  • The Gun Sentry

    The Gun Sentry

    (art) Made by: McBey, James 1917-05-29

    Art.IWM ART 1404

    image: a sailor stands beside a large gun at the stern end of a troop transport ship, looking out to sea with the ship's wake curving off into the distance. The gun deck consists of numerous planks of wood.

  • The Submarine Picket

    The Submarine Picket

    (art) Made by: McBey, James 1917-05-27

    Art.IWM ART 2951

    image: a few British infantrymen, wearing lifejackets, sit in narrow boats attached to the side of a transport ship looking out to sea for submarine activity. They have rifles at the ready for sightings. In the distance a Royal Navy destroyer is steaming...

  • An Observer

    An Observer

    (art) Made by: Handley-Read, Edward 1915

    Art.IWM ART 178

    image: a British infantryman on observation duty in a trench on the Western Front. The man stands at a heavily sandbagged parapet looking through a loophole out into No Man's Land. He stands with his back to the viewer, his rifle, with bayonet...

  • Take Up the Sword of Justice

    Take Up the Sword of Justice

    (posters) Made by: Unknown (Undefined) 1915-08

    Art.IWM PST 5065

    whole: the image occupies the whole, held within a narrow black border. The title is integrated and placed upper right, with the text lower left, both in black. All set against a white background. image: a sword with a golden handle, sheathed in a purple...

  • Over the Top
'Britain's Efforts and Ideals'; Making Soldiers

    Over the Top 'Britain's Efforts and Ideals'; Making Soldiers

    (art) Made by: Kennington, Eric Henri

    Art.IWM ART 671

    image: a British infantryman about to climb over the top of the parapet into No Man's Land, as part of an attack. He stands within a duckboarded trench, various equipment on the ground beside him. In the background, several of his comrades have...

  • The Dance of Death - Death Ponders

    The Dance of Death - Death Ponders

    (art) Made by: Smith, Percy Delf 1919

    Art.IWM ART 16640 (4)

    image: Death, personified as a skeleton wrapped in a cloak, watches a British infantryman gasping for air. The soldier lies on his front, clutching at the edges of the shell-hole he has fallen into. He is wearing a gas-mask as clouds of poison gas...

  • A Lancashire Fusilier

    A Lancashire Fusilier

    (art) Made by: Kennington, Eric Henri

    Art.IWM ART 1201

    image: a full length portait of a British infantryman of the Lancashire Fusiliers, shown in profile. The soldier is in full kit and carries a second rifle and steel helmet as well as his own. He is wearing his service cap and one of the helmets he...