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  • Verdun.die.Weltblutpumpe.1916.


    (Decorations and awards) Made by: Eberbach, Walther 1916

    Art.IWM MED 733

    obverse design : Death, in the form of an enormous skeleton, standing over and working a pump amidst a devastated landscape. The leering head of the skeleton is turned right round to face the observer. By Death's side a bayonet driven a half-blade...



    (Decorations and awards) Made by: Lange, M 1916

    Art.IWM MED 701

    whole : description : MODEL piece : obverse design : Oberst General Doctor Mueller, bust, full face, in uniform piece : obverse text : "OB.GEN.ARZT.EXCZ.Dr.MUELLER" piece : reverse design : soldier, wounded German, sitting facing right,...

  • Italien's Politik der Freien Hand

    Italien's Politik der Freien Hand

    (Decorations and awards) Made by: Goetz, Karl 1915

    Art.IWM MED 197

    obverse design: soldier, Italian bersagliere, kneeling, facing right, upon the back of a huge double-headed eagle, symbolising Austria-Hungary. The soldier holds a dagger in his raised right hand. One of the eagle's heads is turned round to face the...

  • (Derived Title) Le Duc d'Aosta

    (Derived Title) Le Duc d'Aosta

    (Decorations and awards) Made by: Eberbach, Walther 1917

    Art.IWM MED 907

    obverse design : Death, in the form of a leering skeleton, kneeling to left, wearing skis and cap. His ski-sticks are propped up and crossed in front of him forming a rest for his rifle which he aims to left. In the left background mountains reverse...

  • Generaloberst Von Woyrsch

    Generaloberst Von Woyrsch

    (Decorations and awards) Made by: Eue, Fritz (Undefined) 1915

    Art.IWM MED 79

    obverse design: Generaloberst Remus von Woyrsch, bust, full face slightly inclined to left, in uniform obverse text: "GENERALOBERST von WOYRSCH" reverse design: soldier, German infantryman, full-length figure carrying rifle with fixed bayonet...

  • Albion's Ehren-Flagge

    Albion's Ehren-Flagge

    (Decorations and awards) Made by: Goetz, Karl 1915

    Art.IWM MED 577

    obverse design : clenched fist emerging from the sea and threatening a British ensign which flies above it. The ensign bears the stitched outline characters "U41" within the inner angles of its cross obverse text : "ALBION'S EHREN-...



    (Decorations and awards) 1914

    Art.IWM MED 517

    whole: MODEL obverse design : Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria, head, right profile. Below the head, centre base, the Bavarian shield of arms supported on either side by a lion obverse text : "RVPPRECHT KRON-PRINZ V.BAYERN" reverse design :...

  • Archduke Eugen

    Archduke Eugen

    (Decorations and awards) Made by: B v S 1916

    Art.IWM MED 539

    obverse design : Archduke Eugen, bust, right profile, in uniform reverse design : soldiers, two Austrian infantrymen in mountainous landscape. One soldier kneels behind a boulder and takes aim, right, with his rifle



    (Decorations and awards) 1915

    Art.IWM MED 283

    whole : model obverse design : soldier, German Alpine Corps, leading a horse, its pack saddle laden with equipment, from right to left over rocky ground obverse text : "DEUTSCHES.ALPENCORPS" reverse design : soldiers, two German Alpine Corps....



    (Decorations and awards) 1917

    Art.IWM MED 370

    whole : model obverse design : soldier, Austro-Hungarian infantryman, three-quarter length figure wearing cap, greatcoat and pack. His body faces right and his head is turned to face the observer. He holds his rifle above his head by the muzzle. Behind,...