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  • France Toujours! France Quand Même!

    France Toujours! France Quand Même!

    (art) Made by: Fraipont, Gustave (Undefined)

    Art.IWM BUTE 321

    image: a long line of French troops spirals around a tall column, ranging from the warriors of early history and medieval times at the top to the modern French Army of the First World War at the bottom. At the very foot of the column is a gathering of...

  • Untitled


    (art) Made by: de Groux, Henry

    Art.IWM BUTE 336

    image: a French soldier with his rifle shouldered leads a column of captured German soldiers, all wearing traditional pickelhaubes. They march past a mixed group of almost ghostly civilians, including men and women, who look at them with disapproval. The...

  • Pâques 1915 [Easter 1915]

    Pâques 1915 [Easter 1915]

    (art) Made by: Boutet, Henri 1915

    Art.IWM BUTE 175

    image: To the centre right of the composition, a French poilu bayonets a screeching German eagle. Dressed in full kit, kepi, greatcoat and backpack, the poilu stands, his raised right hand holding the rifle stock, his left holding the muzzle, and his...