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  • MG 08

    MG 08

    (Weapons and ammunition)

    FIR 8029

    The standard German machine-gun of the First World War, the MG08 was a water-cooled weapon employing the Maxim system of operation (see FIR 8095). The German Army was well equipped with machine-guns and accorded its machine-gunners an elite status....

  • 7.9 x 57 : [D] ; 7.9 mm Mauser S. Patrone

    7.9 x 57 : [D] ; 7.9 mm Mauser S. Patrone

    (Weapons and ammunition) Made by: Polte Werke (DE & Magdeburg)

    SAA 1131

    clip and five cartridges five cartridges in clip. Three cartridges have the bullets reversed and re-seated deeply in the cases

  • shell fragments

    shell fragments

    (Weapons and ammunition)

    EPH 3487

    Shell fragments from St Julian beside the German Command post bunker. Picked up 28 March 1973.