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  • Maltby, William (Oral history)

    Maltby, William (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 1991-09


    British private served with Wolds Waggoners Reserve in GB, 1913-1914; served with 20th and 21st Coys Army Service Corps and No 6 Field Ambulance on Western Front, 1914-1918, and with Army of Occupation in Germany, 1918-1919.

  • Stammers, Alfred Charles (Oral history)

    Stammers, Alfred Charles (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 1992-05


    British private served as driver with Army Service Corps on Western Front, 1914-1918

  • Jamieson, Alexander James (Oral history)

    Jamieson, Alexander James (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 1988


    British trooper trained with 2/1st Ayrshire Yeomanry in GB,1917-1918; served with 11th Bn, Royal Scots on Western Front,1918

  • Greggain, Lawrence (Oral history)

    Greggain, Lawrence (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Wood, Conrad (recorder) 1999-07-29


    British NCO served with 5th Bn Borders in GB, France and Belgium, 1939-1940; served on anti-fifth column work with 4th Bn Border Regt in GB, 1941-1943; civilian lecturer with Dig for Victory Campaign and farmer in GB, 1943-1945

  • English, Ian Roger (Oral history)

    English, Ian Roger (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 1982-11-25


    British officer served with 8th Bn Durham Light Infantry in GB, France and Belgium, 1939-1940. Present during Arras counter attack, 5/1940. Evacuated from Dunkirk, 5/6/1940

  • Taylor, Roland Henry (Oral history)

    Taylor, Roland Henry (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 1979


    British NCO served with 9th Queen's Royal Lancers in Egypt and Palestine, 1921-1926

  • Reeves, William Robert (Oral history)

    Reeves, William Robert (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 1983-02-23


    British officer served with 3rd Royal Tank Regt, Royal Armoured Corps in GB, 1939-1940 and North West Frontier, India. Present during defence of Calais 5/1940. Evacuated from Dunkirk 31/5/1940

  • Holmes, Frederick James 'Pompey' (Oral history)

    Holmes, Frederick James 'Pompey' (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Wood, Conrad (recorder) 1997-09-11


    British private served with Pioneer Platoon, 1st Bn Hampshire Regt in GB, France, North Africa, Malta, Sicily, Italy and North West Europe, 1940-1945