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  • Operation Chariot (St Nazaire Raid) Briefing Model

    Operation Chariot (St Nazaire Raid) Briefing Model

    (souvenirs and ephemera) Made by: RAF Medmenham 1942

    MOD 355

    The object of Operation Chariot, the raid on St Nazaire on 27-28 March 1942, was to destroy the lock gate at the entrance to the huge dry dock which had been designed for the liner Normandie and was the only dock in western France that was capable of...

  • Hanson, Douglas Parker (Oral history)

    Hanson, Douglas Parker (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Wood, Conrad (recorder) 1981-06-23


    British private served with 1 Motor Transport Sub Depot, 1 British Ordnance Depot, Royal Army Ordnance Corps in France, 1940 including sinking of SS Lancastria, 17/6/1940; NCO served with 1 Ordnance Store Company, Royal Ordnance Corps in Singapore,...

  • Roderick, John (Oral history)

    Roderick, John (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Windfall Films (Production company) 2001


    British officer served with 3 Troop No.2 Commando during St. Nazaire Raid, France, 28/Mar/1942.

  • Swayne, Ronald (Oral history)

    Swayne, Ronald (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Wood, Conrad (recorder) 1988-06-22


    British officer served with Independent Coys in GB and during raids on Le Touquet and Guernsey, 1940; served with 1 Commando in GB, 1940-1941 and with 2 Commando during St Nazaire Raid, 1942

  • Higton, Harry (Oral history)

    Higton, Harry (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 1998


    British NCO served with 2/5th and 1/5th Bns Sherwood Foresters in GB and France, 1939-1943; aboard Lancastria when sunk off St Nazaire, 17/Jun/1940; served with 2/5th Bn Sherwood Foresters in North Africa, 1943; POW in Italy and Germany, 1943-1945

  • Nutting, Victor (Oral history)

    Nutting, Victor (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 2004-07


    British driver served with 507 Coy, Royal Army Service Corps in GB and North West Europe, 1939-1940. Present during sinking of Lancastria, 17/6/1940

  • Fielder, Harold Sidney (Oral history)

    Fielder, Harold Sidney (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Wood, Conrad (recorder) 1993-01-26


    British sapper served with 26th Field Regt, Royal Engineers in GB and France, 1940-1942; NCO served with 26th Assault Sqdn, Royal Engineers in GB and North West Europe, 1942-1945

  • Chard, Kenneth Thomas (Oral history)

    Chard, Kenneth Thomas (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Wood, Conrad (recorder) 1998-06-11


    British sapper served as Royal Engineers clerk with Headquarters, 1st Corps in France, 1939-1940; NCO served with Royal Engineers in GB and India, 1940-1945

  • Yorston, Richard (Oral history)

    Yorston, Richard (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 1990


    British private served as driver 1st West Lancashire Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps in GB and Gallipoli, 1913-1916; served as mounted orderly to Assistant Director of Medical Services at Headquarters, 67th Div in GB and on Western Front, 1916-...

  • Laurie, James Hogg (Oral history)

    Laurie, James Hogg (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Wood, Conrad (recorder) 1981-08-14


    British seaman served aboard HMS Delight in Mediterranean, Norway and GB coastal waters, 1939-1940 including sinking, 7/1940; served aboard ML144 in English Channel, 1940-1941; served aboard ML192 during St Nazaire Raid, 3/1942; POW in France and Germany...