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  • black, coverall (non-fireproof)

    black, coverall (non-fireproof)

    (uniforms and insignia)

    UNI 5981

    One black coverall, non-fireproof.

  • Jacket, Women's (Metropolitan Railway)

    Jacket, Women's (Metropolitan Railway)

    (uniforms and insignia)

    UNI 12726

    Jacket of the type worn by female workers of the Metropolitan Railway during the First World War.

  • balaclava


    (uniforms and insignia)

    UNI 5982

    One blue cloth balaclava.

  • waistcoat, assault, Special Air Service Regiment

    waistcoat, assault, Special Air Service Regiment

    (uniforms and insignia)

    UNI 5984

    One assault waistcoat

  • Boots, ankle length DMS

    Boots, ankle length DMS

    (uniforms and insignia)

    UNI 5985

    Pair of black leather ankle-length laced boots with a toe caps and heels, with moulded rubber soles.

  • Steel Helmet, Civilian pattern

    Steel Helmet, Civilian pattern

    (uniforms and insignia) Made by: BMB 1941

    UNI 7955

    helmet High-domed steel helmet with a wide brim, painted grey. Around the helmet are a series of punched holes through which is threaded a length of cord similar to a shoelace. The white tape and leather liner is secured to the shell by this cord....