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  • Fichtenbaum, Leonard 'Leo' (Oral history)

    Fichtenbaum, Leonard 'Leo' (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 1999-12-18


    American NCO served with US Army in North West Europe 1944-1945; civilian member of Communist Party in US, 1945-1954

  • Selford, Alison Flora (Oral history)

    Selford, Alison Flora (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 2005-10-12


    British civilian served with Women's Land Army in GB, 1939- 1941; served with Air Raid Precautions in GB, 1941-1943; worked as shipyard welder in Bristol, GB, 1943-1944; journalist for Daily Worker in GB, 1944-1957