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  • Group Captain A F Anderson DSO DFC

    Group Captain A F Anderson DSO DFC

    (art) Made by: Dring, William 1944

    Art.IWM ART LD 4681

    image: a half length portrait of Group Captain A F Anderson wearing uniform and standing on an airfield in front of a Hurricane fighter plane.

  • Instructional Films

    Instructional Films

    (art) Made by: Schmolle, Stella L M

    Art.IWM ART LD 2762

    image: a film being projected at the front of an army hut from behind the audience of uniformed personnel, at least some of whom are female. One man stands behind the projector in the aisle.

  • Untitled


    (posters) Made by: Watson, Geoffrey (Undefined) 1918

    Art.IWM PST 10251

    whole: the image covers the whole with a blank text box at lower right. image: a large Handley Page bomber, seen in three-quarter length profile and silhouette, flying left to right through searchlights and flak. text: [blank] Geoffrey Watson 1918 THE...

  • War Loan

    War Loan

    (posters) Made by: Unknown (Undefined) 1915

    Art.IWM PST 10230

    whole: the title, subtitles and image are held within a red and blue frame. The title is placed across the top in red, with the image central, and the subtitles below in black and underlined red. image: an open leather wallet and a pound note amongst a...

  • Corporal W J Courtney : 40 Battalion, RTR

    Corporal W J Courtney : 40 Battalion, RTR

    (art) Made by: Lamb, Henry

    Art.IWM ART LD 1568

    image: A head and shoulder portrait of Corporal W J Courtney in uniform, wearing a beret.

  • ARP - Wanted - Men for First Aid Parties - A Real Man's Job

    ARP - Wanted - Men for First Aid Parties - A Real Man's Job

    (posters) Made by: Havinden, Ashley (Undefined) 1939

    Art.IWM PST 13899

    whole: the title occupies the whole, in three shades of blue. The subtitles are overlaid over the title, in white and black, on a red and white banner. The text is positioned in the upper left, in blue, and across the bottom edge, in white. All set...

  • A Leader Sage

    A Leader Sage

    (posters) Made by: Unknown (Undefined)

    Art.IWM PST 10310

    whole: the image occupies the upper three-quarters, set within a gilt frame design. The text occupies the lower third, held within a scroll design. image: a full-length portrait of President Woodrow Wilson, who strides towards the viewer raising his top...

  • No-mans Land

    No-mans Land

    (art) Made by: Clark, John Cosmo 1916-05-08

    Art.IWM ART 16990

    image: The scene appears to be taking place at night. A soldier lies slumped against a low barbed wire fence which stretches across the picture and into the distance. Another soldier is crawling towards him. In the foreground there two more soldiers are...

  • The Best Money Box

    The Best Money Box

    (posters) Made by: Unknown (Undefined) 1919

    Art.IWM PST 10128

    whole: the title is in red and positioned across the top, with the image central, and the subtitle and text across the bottom. All arranged within a blue frame and against a white background. image: a large money box shaped like a globe, around which are...

  • An Admiralty Salvage Diver (1)

    An Admiralty Salvage Diver (1)

    (art) Made by: Wheatley, John 1918

    Art.IWM ART 2250

    image: A head and shoulders portrait of an Admiralty salvage diver, wearing a metallic diving suit without the helmet section. He smokes a pipe and wears a woolly hat.