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  • Reconstructors I

    Reconstructors I

    (art) Made by: McFadyen, Jock 1990

    Art.IWM ART 16419

    image: two workmen, both dressed in bright yellow rain jackets with hoods, engaged in reconstruction work on a metallic red platform set amongst the roofs of Berlin city centre.

  • Herzlich Wilkommen [A Hearty Welcome]

    Herzlich Wilkommen [A Hearty Welcome]

    (posters) Made by: Unknown (Undefined) 1961

    Art.IWM PST 8733

    whole: Text printed in white within a red band at the bottom edge. image: A photomontage consisting of three black and white images. The centre is dominated by a photograph of two men, one Yuri Gagarin. Both in military uniform and hold flowers which...

  • STOP!


    (posters) Made by: Tschauner, Peter (Undefined)

    Art.IWM PST 8762

    whole: Plain blue background with text at upper part of sheet and image (a missile) appearing at an angle across the sheet. image: The typeface used for the text simulates a spray paint graffiti effect. Below the text is an image of a missile carrying...

  • Wardog, Berlin 1981

    Wardog, Berlin 1981

    (art) Made by: Hogarth, Paul 1981

    Art.IWM ART 15307

    image: A vicious-looking dog with teeth barred. The animal is on a long lead that runs back to a barbed wire fence.

  • Six Sketches of Soldiers in Various Kit

    Six Sketches of Soldiers in Various Kit

    (art) Made by: Berne-Bellecour, Jean

    Art.IWM ART 5761

    image: Six studies of British and Commonwealth soldiers in different kits. Clockwise from top left: a bare chested Australian wearing a slouch hat. A soldier in winter kit with a sheepskin gilet, a purple scarf, tin hat and carrying a stave. A raider...

  • Paques de Guerre [Wartime Easter]

    Paques de Guerre [Wartime Easter]

    (posters) Made by: Berne-Bellecour, Jean (Undefined) 1915

    Art.IWM PST 12893

    whole: the image occupies the lower two-thirds and is held within a narrow black border. The title and the majority of the text are on an additional text strip. The title is separate and positioned along the top edge, in red. The text is separate and...

  • Concentrate


    (art) Made by: Ryan, Paul 2001

    Art.IWM ART 16767

    image: The concentration camp Auschwitz I, showing the camp buildings and the surrounding fence and watchtowers.

  • Operating theatre, Lazarett, Jüterbog. 26.10.00.

    Operating theatre, Lazarett, Jüterbog. 26.10.00.

    (art) Made by: Boulton, Angus 2000-10-27

    Art.IWM ART 16803 14

    Between 1998 and 2006, Angus Boulton took a series of photographs at Soviet military bases in and around Berlin. Abandoned when Soviet forces left East Germany, many were soon to be demolished. One of these series was a survey of the gymnasia on these...

  • 1941-1945 War Memorial, Damm Kaserne, Jüterbog. 2.11.00.

    1941-1945 War Memorial, Damm Kaserne, Jüterbog. 2.11.00.

    (art) Made by: Boulton, Angus 2000-11-02

    Art.IWM ART 16803 16

    Framed colour photograph.

  • Gymnasium, Rangsdorf. 28.10.99.

    Gymnasium, Rangsdorf. 28.10.99.

    (art) Made by: Boulton, Angus 1999-10-28

    Art.IWM ART 16803 8

    image: Interior with bare brick walls. The rear wall has three flags hanging on it.