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  • Prisoner at large

    Prisoner at large

    (books) Made by: TURNER, JOHN FRAYN (Author) 1957

    LBY 38677

    No description available

  • Fight another day

    Fight another day

    (books) Made by: Collins (Publisher) 1974

    LBY 81916

    No description available

  • Six friends arrive to-night

    Six friends arrive to-night

    (books) Made by: Nicholson and Watson (Publisher) 1949

    LBY 24918

    First published in French and in Dutch, 1946

  • Child at war

    Child at war

    (books) Made by: Hodder and Stoughton (Publisher) 1989

    LBY 89 / 1691


  • Condemned to death

    Condemned to death

    (books) Made by: Methuen (Publisher) 1934

    LBY 15104

    No description available

  • Certified sane

    Certified sane

    (books) Made by: JEANTY, N. HELENE (Author) 1948

    LBY 23220

    "Without frontiers" by Hélène Jeanty Raven also held by the Library

  • Silent heroes
downed airmen and the French underground

    Silent heroes downed airmen and the French underground

    (books) Made by: OTTIS, SHERRI GREENE (Author) 2001

    LBY 02 / 778


  • Old Contemptible

    Old Contemptible

    (books) Made by: Hutchinson (Publisher) 1967

    LBY 59220

    Includes index

  • Little cyclone

    Little cyclone

    (books) Made by: Hodder and Stoughton (Publisher) 1954

    LBY 34876

    No description available

  • The pilot walked home

    The pilot walked home

    (books) Made by: Collins (Publisher) 1946

    LBY 23191

    Pbk. held in case