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  • Cutforth, Stan (Oral history)

    Cutforth, Stan (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Woolard, Joan and Duncan (recorder) 2002


    British civilian labourer in Lincolnshire 1939-1943; served as Hygeine and Sanitation NCO with Royal Army Medical Corps, North West Europe, 1944-1945

  • Johnson, John Norman (Oral history)

    Johnson, John Norman (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: BBC (Production company) 1979-03


    British cameraman served with Army Film and Photographic Unit, Italy during Second World War

  • Trafford, Richard (Oral history)

    Trafford, Richard (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Trafford, Richard (interviewee/speaker) 1990-02-05


    British NCO served with 1/9th Bn King's Liverpool Regt on Western Front, 1915-1916; served as private with 1/2nd Bn Mommouthshire Regt on Western Front and in Germany, 1916-1919

  • Toynton, Eric (Oral history)

    Toynton, Eric (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Woolard, Joan and Duncan (recorder) 2002


    British NCO served with 6th Air Landing Bde, 6th Airborne Div, North West Europe, 1944-1945. Served in Palestine and Austria post-1945

  • Bennett, Robert "Bob (Oral history)

    Bennett, Robert "Bob (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: TVS (Production company)


    British private and NCO served with L Detachment, Special Air Service Bde in North Africa, 1941-1942; NCO served with 1st Special Air Service Regt in North Africa, 1942-1943; served with Special Raiding Service in Italy, 1943; served with 1st Special Air...

  • Cole, Horace (Oral history)

    Cole, Horace (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Cole, Horace (interviewee/speaker) 1972


    British rifleman served as signaller with 2nd Bn Rifle Bde on Western Front, 1917-1918; POW in Germany, 3/1918-11/1918

  • Hampson, Granville (Oral history)

    Hampson, Granville (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Hampson, Granville (interviewee/speaker) 1986


    British sapper served as wireless operator and despatch rider with Royal Engineers Signal Section on Western Front, 1917-1918, including wireless operator on Field Marshal Haig's train, 1918

  • Randall, Jim (Oral history)

    Randall, Jim (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Randall, Jim (interviewee/speaker) 2005


    British trooper served with Royal Scots Greys in Palestine, 1940-1941; NCO served with Royal Scots Greys, Royal Armoured Corps in North Africa and North West Europe, 1942-1945

  • Oral history

    Oral history

    (sound) Made by: Heaton, Richard (Production company) 1988


    British private served with 16th Bn Manchester Regt on Western Front, 1914- 1918; POW in Germany, 1918

  • Speech


    (sound) Made by: Joyce, William (interviewee/speaker) 1940-06-01


    Radio broadcast from Germany by British civilian known as 'Lord Haw-Haw' on fall of Belgium, Dunkirk and failures of British Government