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  • A Battery Position in a Wood

    A Battery Position in a Wood

    (art) Made by: Lewis, Percy Wyndham 1918

    Art.IWM ART 1672

    image: The scene of an artillery position. Several soldiers stand smoking in the foreground. Behind them is a dugout where two more soldiers appear to be emerging. On the mound above this is a camouflaged position with a crowd of men concealed beneath....

  • Officers and Signallers, 1918

    Officers and Signallers, 1918

    (art) Made by: Lewis, Percy Wyndham 1918

    Art.IWM ART 5932

    image: Five figures walk up a steep incline. The three figures at the rear are ducking to avoid a bomb blast, while the other two walk on. The last two figures in the group are officers, wearing knee boots and carrying walking sticks, one wearing a...

  • Mud


    (art) Made by: Rogers, Gilbert 1919

    Art.IWM ART 3734

    image: A British soldier standing against a background of thick grey clouds heavy with rain. He looks dejectedly down at the earth, his hands hanging loosely by his sides. He has an oilskin draped over his shoulders, a tin helmet on his head, and his gas...