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  • French trench dagger: 'Le Nettoyeur de Tranchées

    French trench dagger: 'Le Nettoyeur de Tranchées

    (Weapons and ammunition) Made by: Établissements Caux, Hesdin 1917

    WEA 676

    CONTROL. Hilt form: most unusual three bar open hilt configuration, the overall arrangement resembling a whisk. One bar curves down towards the cruciform crossguard forming a belt loop. Despite its unique form the hilt is comfortably shaped to hand....

  • Grenade, Hand, Battye

    Grenade, Hand, Battye

    (Weapons and ammunition)

    MUN 1523

    grenade, fuse segmented cast iron cylinder with simulated explosive insert; fuse inside copper tube (3.5cm of fuse left exposed) inserted into inner; painted black

  • Colt New Service (commercial post-1905)

    Colt New Service (commercial post-1905)

    (Weapons and ammunition) Made by: Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Co, Hartford, CT, USA 1914

    FIR 10551

    This Colt New Service (see FIR 11511) was damaged on 12 March 1915, in the course of an action in which Lieutenant C G Martin won the Victoria Cross. Martin, a Royal Engineer (56th Field Company), volunteered to lead a bombing attack with men of the 3rd...

  • biscuit tin, Crawford's 'Hero Box

    biscuit tin, Crawford's 'Hero Box

    (souvenirs and ephemera) Made by: William Crawford & Sons, Ltd. 1914

    EPH 3486

    Early First World War period British biscuit tin bearing an overtly inspirational image of British infantry enduring, with good humour, the tribulations and muddy conditions of trench warfare on the Western Front.

  • wall plate, Field Marshal Gerald Pau

    wall plate, Field Marshal Gerald Pau

    (souvenirs and ephemera) Made by: RIDGWAYS, ENGLAND 1914

    EPH 7952

    Circular ceramic wall plaque, glazed olive green, bearing portrait of Field Marshal Gerald Pau in centre. There are two holes at the top for hanging, the base is marked 'PUBLISHED DURING THE GREAT WAR 1914. RIDGWAYS ENGLAND'.

  • Fokker DVII

    Fokker DVII

    (Vehicles, aircraft and ships) Made by: Aurora

    MOD 1024

    Allied air supremacy over the Western Front in the summer of 1918 was severely challenged by the appearance of one of the most famous of all the German scouts, namely the Fokker DVII. The design won the competition held at Johannistal Aerodrome on...

  • memorial silk, British

    memorial silk, British

    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    EPH 5586

    First World War memorial silk commemorating the British Army service and death of (19154) Private Joseph Bowker (Border Regiment) who died of wounds in France (Western Front) on 10 August 1917.

  • rosary, souvenir, with photo ruins of Albert in centre of cross

    rosary, souvenir, with photo ruins of Albert in centre of cross

    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    EPH 7454

    A rosary with photograph of the Ruins of Albert at the centre of the plain cross.

  • fragment, shrapnel

    fragment, shrapnel

    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    EPH 9396

    Metal shrapnel fragment (L 2in x W 1in) suffering from some active corrosion. One side is almost flat; the remaining edges are sharp and irregular.

  • Company HQ Front Trenches, Picantin (Laventie), October 28 1916

    Company HQ Front Trenches, Picantin (Laventie), October 28 1916

    (art) Made by: Rose, Geoffrey K 1916-10-28

    Art.IWM ART 4860

    image: a view along a section of trench immediately before a badly bomb damaged building. The trench has duckboards along the bottom and the walls are supported by a structure of wooden planks.