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  • scabbard for "French Nail"

    scabbard for "French Nail"

    part of ""French Nail" with scabbard & Clou Fran├žais" (Weapons and ammunition)

    WEA 776.2

    Crudely made flat rectangular wooden scabbard improvised from packing crates. A leather strap has been attached (by nails) at the mouthpiece.

  • steel helmet, Mk1, with cover and badge, Royal Engineers

    steel helmet, Mk1, with cover and badge, Royal Engineers

    (uniforms and insignia)

    UNI 9536

    helmet, cover, badge helmet painted green; khaki cloth cover with khaki band around middle; dulled RE capbadge attached to front of cover

  • Field communion set

    Field communion set

    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    EPH 4213

    4 field communion set, in leather case, with silver plate (?) chalice, jug and host plate.

  • Pickelhaube, M1915 O/Rs (Wurttemberg)

    Pickelhaube, M1915 O/Rs (Wurttemberg)

    (uniforms and insignia)

    UNI 288

    Item taken by Lieutenant J Best, MGC, at Mametz, Somme, 1916 ( Best (Major) was killed at Amiens, 15/May/1918). 9 Wurttembergisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr.127 were part of 54 Brigade, 27th Division, XIII Army Corps, garrisoned at Ulm and adminstered...

  • Goggle Mask: RFC

    Goggle Mask: RFC


    EQU 3846


  • Kepi, M1914 Horizon Blue: O/Rs, French Army

    Kepi, M1914 Horizon Blue: O/Rs, French Army

    (uniforms and insignia)

    UNI 12455

    Horizon blue uniform items went into production in August 1914 but did not become universally issued until 1915, although components of the earlier uniforms were often mixed with the horizon blue before that date.

  • Decca Gramophone & Box of Records

    Decca Gramophone & Box of Records

    (souvenirs and ephemera) Made by: Decca

    EPH 7660

    Decca gramophone and 32 records stored inside a wooden box originally for ammunition, inside the wooden box are four narrow slot compartments for storing records and a larger square compartment for the gramophone, the gramophone itself has a hinged lid...

  • Kepi, M1884: O/Rs,  144 regiment d'infanterie

    Kepi, M1884: O/Rs, 144 regiment d'infanterie

    (uniforms and insignia)

    UNI 12454

    The M1884 kepi was the form of headdress worn by French troops at the outset of the First World War, not being made obsolete until introduction of the horizon blue uniform that came into general service in 1915. The 1884 kepi was standard throughout the...

  • Map Case, French

    Map Case, French


    EQU 3770

    Husband's uncle Black leather map case & adjustable carrying strap. The case features an expanding pocket that is faced with a transparent celluliod screen and this is marked with red grid squares. The screen is covered by a removable leather...

  • plaque


    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    EPH 10154

    A small brass commemorative plaque inside a plain brown leather protective wallet, the plaque is rectangular with cut-off corners, there are two machined holes in the centre for fixture (e.g. to a wall), the obverse is engraved with the following...