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  • wall plate, Field Marshal Gerald Pau

    wall plate, Field Marshal Gerald Pau

    (souvenirs and ephemera) Made by: RIDGWAYS, ENGLAND 1914

    EPH 7952

    Circular ceramic wall plaque, glazed olive green, bearing portrait of Field Marshal Gerald Pau in centre. There are two holes at the top for hanging, the base is marked 'PUBLISHED DURING THE GREAT WAR 1914. RIDGWAYS ENGLAND'.

  • Kepi, M1914 Horizon Blue: O/Rs, French Army

    Kepi, M1914 Horizon Blue: O/Rs, French Army

    (uniforms and insignia)

    UNI 12455

    Horizon blue uniform items went into production in August 1914 but did not become universally issued until 1915, although components of the earlier uniforms were often mixed with the horizon blue before that date.

  • shrapnel, piece of

    shrapnel, piece of

    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    EPH 4693

    a small (L 2.7cm x W 2.6cm x D 1cm) roughly square-shaped rusted piece of shrapnel.

  • torch with embedded shell splinter

    torch with embedded shell splinter

    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    EPH 2880

    Electric torch associated with the First World War service on the Western Front of Lance-Corporal Walter Prentice MM, 10th Battalion, the Royal Fusiliers. Two untitled newspaper cuttings (held by the Department of Exhibits and Firearms) offer some...

  • fragment, shrapnel

    fragment, shrapnel

    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    EPH 9396

    Metal shrapnel fragment (L 2in x W 1in) suffering from some active corrosion. One side is almost flat; the remaining edges are sharp and irregular.

  • Military Medal & MM

    Military Medal & MM

    (Decorations and awards) Made by: Royal Mint

    OMD 2949

    First World War Military Medal (MM) awarded to (19012) Corporal George A Coppard of the 37th Company, Machine Gun Corps for gallantry during the Battle of Cambrai in November 1917. One of a group of four medals, OMD 2949-2952. See also his autobiography...

  • Fokker DVII

    Fokker DVII

    (Vehicles, aircraft and ships) Made by: Aurora

    MOD 1024

    Allied air supremacy over the Western Front in the summer of 1918 was severely challenged by the appearance of one of the most famous of all the German scouts, namely the Fokker DVII. The design won the competition held at Johannistal Aerodrome on...

  • Military Cross & MC

    Military Cross & MC

    (Decorations and awards)

    OMD 6460

    Related items: material held by the Department of Documents - two flying log books covering A F McGlashan's training in the United Kingdom (May-July 1917), his service as a pilot with No 2 Squadron RFC/RAF on the Western Front (July 1917 - May 1918...

  • Decca Gramophone & Box of Records

    Decca Gramophone & Box of Records

    (souvenirs and ephemera) Made by: Decca

    EPH 7660

    Decca gramophone and 32 records stored inside a wooden box originally for ammunition, inside the wooden box are four narrow slot compartments for storing records and a larger square compartment for the gramophone, the gramophone itself has a hinged lid...

  • scabbard for "French Nail"

    scabbard for "French Nail"

    part of ""French Nail" with scabbard & Clou Français" (Weapons and ammunition)

    WEA 776.2

    Crudely made flat rectangular wooden scabbard improvised from packing crates. A leather strap has been attached (by nails) at the mouthpiece.