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  • fragment, shrapnel

    fragment, shrapnel

    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    EPH 9396

    Metal shrapnel fragment (L 2in x W 1in) suffering from some active corrosion. One side is almost flat; the remaining edges are sharp and irregular.

  • scabbard for "French Nail"

    scabbard for "French Nail"

    part of ""French Nail" with scabbard & Clou Français" (Weapons and ammunition)

    WEA 776.2

    Crudely made flat rectangular wooden scabbard improvised from packing crates. A leather strap has been attached (by nails) at the mouthpiece.

  • memorial silk, British

    memorial silk, British

    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    EPH 5586

    First World War memorial silk commemorating the British Army service and death of (19154) Private Joseph Bowker (Border Regiment) who died of wounds in France (Western Front) on 10 August 1917.

  • "French Nail" fighting knife

    "French Nail" fighting knife

    part of ""French Nail" with scabbard & Clou Français" (Weapons and ammunition)

    WEA 776.1

    Whole description : SPECIMEN & (SEE) WEA 641

  • French trench dagger: 'Le Nettoyeur de Tranchées

    French trench dagger: 'Le Nettoyeur de Tranchées

    (Weapons and ammunition) Made by: Établissements Caux, Hesdin 1917

    WEA 676

    CONTROL. Hilt form: most unusual three bar open hilt configuration, the overall arrangement resembling a whisk. One bar curves down towards the cruciform crossguard forming a belt loop. Despite its unique form the hilt is comfortably shaped to hand....

  • Goggle Mask: RFC

    Goggle Mask: RFC


    EQU 3846


  • Decca Gramophone & Box of Records

    Decca Gramophone & Box of Records

    (souvenirs and ephemera) Made by: Decca

    EPH 7660

    Decca gramophone and 32 records stored inside a wooden box originally for ammunition, inside the wooden box are four narrow slot compartments for storing records and a larger square compartment for the gramophone, the gramophone itself has a hinged lid...

  • The Kensingtons at Laventie

    The Kensingtons at Laventie

    (art) Made by: Kennington, Eric Henri 1915

    Art.IWM ART 15661

    image: A platoon of British soldiers standing in a village street. There is an exterior whitewashed wall in the background, snow on the ground, debris scattered around to the right, and above, a calvary cross in the top corner of the composition. The...

  • Field communion set

    Field communion set

    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    EPH 4213

    4 field communion set, in leather case, with silver plate (?) chalice, jug and host plate.

  • location sign, prisoners' cage

    location sign, prisoners' cage


    FEQ 36

    Sign; rectangular sign painted in black and red on bare wood. It bears the inscription PRISONERS CAGE (above & below circle surrounding 29th Division Sign of red triangle). The sign measures 15 inches x 13 inches x 1 inch.