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  • Heroes of the XXth Century: Hitler and Mussolini

    Heroes of the XXth Century: Hitler and Mussolini

    (art) Made by: Mayen, Eric 1995

    Art.IWM ART 16585 7

    image: An Italian postage stamp bearing the images of Hilter and Mussolini. The border is painted in umber acrylic paint and decorated with a flying flag in each upper corner. This is placed just below centre within a white sheet of paper.

  • The Soldier

    The Soldier

    (art) Made by: Crosbie, William 1943

    Art.IWM ART 16838

    image: a soldier lying on the ground, entangled in barbed wire. Behind him is a broken tree trunk and a seascape with gulls flying overhead.

  • Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

    Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

    (art) Made by: Sandle, Michael 1984

    Art.IWM ART 15992

    image: a German Tiger tank shown in profile on fire within a forest. The scene is largely dark, the only colour provided by the flames.

  • Anglo Dutch

    Anglo Dutch

    (art) Made by: Tunnard, John 1942

    Art.IWM ART 16736

    image: An abstract image of technological and maritime forms. There is an area of deep red colour on the left of the composition, and a dark hook shape as seen from the side in the centre. Around this there are other small, abstract details.

  • An Air Raid Warden at Kano, Northern Nigeria

    An Air Raid Warden at Kano, Northern Nigeria

    (art) Made by: Trevelyan, Julian 1942

    Art.IWM ART LD 2178

    image: A night scene of the town of Kano, in Nigeria. In the foreground the air raid warden stands holding what appears to be a long trumpet. He wears a white robe and a tin hat. Behind and around him the townspeople carry out their routine activities of...

  • "Can Spring Be Far Behind?", 1940

    "Can Spring Be Far Behind?", 1940

    (art) Made by: ARMSTRONG, JOHN 1940

    Art.IWM ART LD 6389

    image: a surreal landscape. In the foreground are the ruins of bombed buildings. Behind these, in a complete contrast of scale, a white tulip towers, growing from an arid soil.

  • U-Boat in Glass Case 1983

    U-Boat in Glass Case 1983

    (art) Made by: Sandle, Michael 1983

    Art.IWM ART 15630

    image: the dark looming shape of a U-Boat contained within a rectangular glass case. In the foreground in front of the case is a torpedo, a propellor at the rear end.

  • Gas Mask 1941

    Gas Mask 1941

    (art) Made by: Trevelyan, Julian 1941

    Art.IWM ART 16074

    image: a bizarre and unsettling depiction of a British infantryman in full kit. The soldier is shown wearing recognisable elements of uniform, such as tin hat, greatcoat and with a bedding roll attached to the top of his pack. But his face is a mixture...

  • War


    (art) Made by: Collins, Cecil 1946

    Art.IWM ART 16407

    image: in the foreground is a weeping face with a shell-like body, beside a flag pole shrouded in a cloud of smoke. On the horizon appear to be hills or mountains, with clouds immediately above and rays of light emanating out from the sun as it meets the...

  • Into the Carapace

    Into the Carapace

    (art) Made by: Stevenson, Paul 1982

    Art.IWM ART 16197

    image: an RAF airman with false legs, a loose representation of Douglas Bader, stands before the rear of an RAF aircraft. The airman holds his left false leg up to the side above his waist, with his left arm out in similar fashion. The two wheels of the...