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  • Wireless War

    Wireless War

    (posters) Made by: Keely, Pat (Undefined) 1943

    Art.IWM PST 4039

    whole: the main title and subtitle are situated below the image. image: a silhouetted wireless operator held within a sphere, which radiates circular radio waves towards scenes of tanks, ships and aircraft. text: WIRELESS WAR Pat Keely'43 GPO Post...

  • Make Your Money Provide the Driving Power

    Make Your Money Provide the Driving Power

    (posters) Made by: Fraser, Eric (Undefined)

    Art.IWM PST 16443

    whole: the image occupies the majority. The title and text are integrated and placed in the lower third, in grey, in red and in blue. The image, title and upper text are superimposed with a grey, diagonally striped design. All set against a white...