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  • Stock-mine 43 (Sto.Mi.43) anti-personnel mine

    Stock-mine 43 (Sto.Mi.43) anti-personnel mine

    (Weapons and ammunition)

    MUN 683

    Second World War period German anti-personnel Stock-Mine 43.

  • Anti-Tank Mine Mk V

    Anti-Tank Mine Mk V

    (Weapons and ammunition) 1941

    MUN 195

    British Second World War period Mk V anti-tank mine.

  • Sea Mine Mk XVII

    Sea Mine Mk XVII

    (Weapons and ammunition)

    MUN 4582

    British Mk XVII contact sea mine, the design of which dates from the Second World War. This type of anti-shipping mine could be laid in 500 fathoms with a charge of either 320lb or 450lb. It could be described as the standard British contact mine of the...

  • Grenade, hand, anti-tank, No 73 Mk 1 ('Thermos Flask')

    Grenade, hand, anti-tank, No 73 Mk 1 ('Thermos Flask')

    (Weapons and ammunition) Made by: Metal Box Co Ltd (Walton, Liverpool) 1941

    MUN 1587

    This British Second World War period No 73 Grenade Mk 1, sometimes referred to as the 'Thermos Flask' model, for obvious reasons, was first introduced into service in November 1940, but declared obsolete in October 1941. It was reintroduced in...

  • Lotfernrohr Lofte 7 D-1 bombsight, German

    Lotfernrohr Lofte 7 D-1 bombsight, German

    (Vehicles, aircraft and ships) Made by: blc

    AIR 330

    Metal box with a tube (Rohr) extending out the bottom with a mirror that reflected the image of the target into a small telescope in the box. Three large knurled knobs allow the aim to be adjusted. The mechanism inside the box move a mirror to stabilize...

  • 3in Mk I OSB Gun (Smith Gun) with MII Trailer

    3in Mk I OSB Gun (Smith Gun) with MII Trailer

    (Weapons and ammunition) Made by: MB & Co Ltd 1942

    ORD 136

    The Smith Gun was one of several 'pipe guns' that were produced in Great Britain as rapid replacements for the large numbers of conventional weapons abandoned at Dunkirk. The Smith Gun was designed by William Smith, the Chief Engineer of...

  • SD 50 Kg aircraft bomb

    SD 50 Kg aircraft bomb

    (Weapons and ammunition) 1939

    MUN 4459

    The German 50kg aircraft bomb was the smallest conventional bomb in the German armoury during the Second World War, and this particular version, the SD 50, was designed as an anti-personnel or semi-armour-piercing bomb.

  • compact


    (souvenirs and ephemera)

    EPH 10984

    Compact in the shape of a military hat (US), made from plastic and painted dark green and brown with insignia molded above peak of cap and painted gold, the compact has a hinged lid with mirror inlaid inside, a cream-colured circular powder puff and...

  • Switch, release, No 6

    Switch, release, No 6

    (Weapons and ammunition)

    MUN 1033

    body, flip lid, catch, striker, spring, pin, fuse adapter square main body containing striker and spring; brass fuse adapter/detonator holder screwed into end; catch at other end of body holds onto notch in striker while flip lid in pushed down onto the...

  • Grenade, Anti-tank, No 74 Mk I ('Sticky Bomb')

    Grenade, Anti-tank, No 74 Mk I ('Sticky Bomb')

    (Weapons and ammunition)

    MUN 3305

    Second World War period British No 74 Mark I anti-tank hand grenade ('Sticky Bomb'). The bomb was designed early in the Second World War, when Britain had no effective anti-tank weapons to counter German armoured vehicles. Although not...