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  • Study of Glass-blowers

    Study of Glass-blowers

    (art) Made by: Peake, Mervyn 1943

    Art.IWM ART LD 2856 j

    image: a full length depiction of a glass blower at work, shown front-on. The man stands with the metal tube to his mouth, twisting the tube with both hands, the glass bulb at his feet glowing yellow and red. He stands within a reddish glow, the interior...

  • Blood Transfusion : Filtering serum

    Blood Transfusion : Filtering serum

    (art) Made by: Gibbs, Evelyn 1943

    Art.IWM ART LD 3589

    War Artists Advisory Committee commission

  • Sentries in a Guard Room

    Sentries in a Guard Room

    (art) Made by: Scanlan, Robert 1941

    Art.IWM ART LD 1662

    image: A uniformed British soldier sits on a bench drawn up to a fireplace warming his hands over the coals. Another soldier sits further away, on the other end of the bench, facing in the opposite direction. He sit cross-legged and is reading a letter...

  • Sign-posts, 1940

    Sign-posts, 1940

    (art) Made by: Seago, Edward Brian 1940

    Art.IWM ART LD 3134

    image: A pile of sign posts stacked up haphazardly in front of a shed in a rural setting. The pile is surrounded by neat stacks of planks and piping.

  • A Sunday Morning with the Home Guard: Storming an Enemy Post

    A Sunday Morning with the Home Guard: Storming an Enemy Post

    (art) Made by: Ardizzone, Edward Jeffrey Irving 1941

    Art.IWM ART LD 1891

    image: A country lane with a group of home guards rushing along. They are turning a corner, through a gate next to a small low building. There is one man, further down the lane, lagging behind.

  • The Warehouse Shelter in Commercial Road, East End

    The Warehouse Shelter in Commercial Road, East End

    (art) Made by: Topolski, Feliks

    Art.IWM ART LD 676

    image: A large, cavernous warehouse interior. A stream of light falls onto the floor in the centre of the space from a hole in the roof, and several characters appear to be dancing in the spotlight. There are a group of figures lying on the floor and...

  • Constructing a Gun Emplacement

    Constructing a Gun Emplacement

    (art) Made by: Gross, Anthony 1941

    Art.IWM ART LD 1112

    image: Military personnel construct a circular gun emplacement. The main section is surrounded by fencing, which is heavily supported. In the distance is the sea and the outline of the neighbouring clifftops.

  • sketch for 'Making Coloured Parachutes'

    sketch for 'Making Coloured Parachutes'

    (art) Made by: Carr, Thomas

    Art.IWM ART LD 4957

    image: In the foreground a woman sits, facing away from the viewer at a bench with a sewing machine in a factory. She is surrounded by swathes of parachute silk. In the background several other women sit facing her, engaged in the same activity. There is...

  • Bells! A Unit of the National Fire Service Answering a Call

    Bells! A Unit of the National Fire Service Answering a Call

    (art) Made by: Abrahams, Enid

    Art.IWM ART LD 1360

    image: A view from above of firemen running to answer a call. Some are running towards the fire engines with their equipment, others are pulling the covers off the vehicles.

  • Arriving At The Factory

    Arriving At The Factory

    (art) Made by: Abbess, Margaret

    Art.IWM ART 17038

    image: an evening scene outside a factory with smoking chimneys as the workers are streaming in through a small door on the left, preparing for the night shift. Light streams from the doorway and from a large goods hatch in the centre of the picture,...