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  • Respirator, Anti-Gas, Civilian Duty (Queen Mary)

    Respirator, Anti-Gas, Civilian Duty (Queen Mary)

    part of "Respirator, Anti-Gas, Civilian Duty (Queen Mary)" (Equipment)

    EQU 3963.1

    Respirator mask, filter Face mask made of black rubber fitted with two glass eyepieces within metal frames. To the 'nose' is fitted an expanding rubber outlet valve with a black lacquered metal filter fitted to the snout (the filter features a...

  • powdered milk, Swift's

    powdered milk, Swift's

    (souvenirs and ephemera) Made by: SWIFT BROOKFIELD

    EPH 5757

    Circular silver tin containing Swift's Brookfield Powdered Whole Milk, there is a white paper label wrapped all around with red and green lettering and decoration

  • ARP satchel with first aid kit

    ARP satchel with first aid kit


    SUR 624

    Air Raid Warden's haversack with ARP lamp affixed to front to satchel, complete with contents : Warden's Report Forms and pencil, Eyeshields Anti-Gas Mk II, Chart of War Gases, typescript document listing first aid posts & fire stations etc...

  • cigarette case, engraved

    cigarette case, engraved

    (souvenirs and ephemera) 1940

    EPH 7407

    Slim rectangular cigarette case made from shiny silver-coloured metal, both sides are engraved with stylised women (1940's) reclining wearing lingerie and stilettos, one side bears an engraved inscription 'A.G.C. To J.B.', the inside of...

  • Respirator, anti-gas, C.3 Baby Protective Helmet

    Respirator, anti-gas, C.3 Baby Protective Helmet


    EQU 3965

    Respirator. A metal-framed step-in helmet covered in green rubberised fabric with a transparent window within a black rubber mask. There is a rubber bellows pump fitted to the left of the respirator (hand-operated) and the infant is secured into the...

  • truncheon, Home Guard

    truncheon, Home Guard

    (Weapons and ammunition)

    WEA 2192

    This lead-weighted wooden truncheon was issued to 55th County of Lancaster Battalion Home Guard. It was evidently used while mounting guard at Manchester Collieries Ltd of Walkden. A shortage of firearms meant that many improvised weapons were employed...

  • whistle, ARP

    whistle, ARP

    (Equipment) Made by: J Hudson & Co, Birmingham

    EPH 8616

    Silver-coloured tubular metal ARP whistle without lanyard, the manufacturer's name 'A.R.P. J. HUDSON & Co., BARR ST., HOCKLEY, BIRMINGHAM' is engraved across the top.

  • Respirator, anti-gas, General Civilian (boxed): British

    Respirator, anti-gas, General Civilian (boxed): British

    (Equipment) Made by: Henley 1940-05

    EQU 2605

    British Second World War general civilian issue anti-gas respirator (gas mask) with cardboard carrying case.

  • respirator carrier handbag

    respirator carrier handbag


    EPH 5850

    bag and gas mask Brown leather handbag with gas mask compartment underneath, the top of the bag has a metal zip fastening, the inside of this zipped compartment is lined with brown satin material and to one side is an integral purse with metal clasp made...

  • location sign, WVS Incident Enquiry Point

    location sign, WVS Incident Enquiry Point


    FEQ 354

    Rectangular metal sign lettered & edged in red on white ground. Sign reads "W.V.S INCIDENT ENQUIRY PONT".