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  • Bindon, Joan Vereker (Oral history)

    Bindon, Joan Vereker (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Wood, Conrad (recorder) 1995-09-30


    British civilian exchange student in Pastor Niemoller’s parish, Berlin, Germany, 1936; worked as secretary with Dr Perks School for German and Austrian refugees in Hampstead, London, GB, 1937-1941; worked as shift leader in Hut 6, Government Code and...

  • Gift1


    (sound) Made by: Graham, John (interviewee/speaker) 2005-02-24


    British schoolchild evacuee in GB during Second World War; also includes commentary (recorded 2005) over two films made by Captain Carl Albrecht, US Army Signal Corp, held by Film & Video Archive

  • We Also Served

    We Also Served

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 2006-10-09


    Lecture entitled 'We Also Served' about the role of black and Afro-Caribbean women on the home front in Britain during the Second World War; given at the Imperial War Museum, London, GB, 9/Oct/2006

  • Cain, Edith E (Oral history)

    Cain, Edith E (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 1979-04-11


    British civilian worker in internment camps on Isle of Man, 1939-1945

  • Silver, Menachem 'Manny' (Oral history)

    Silver, Menachem 'Manny' (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 1997-12


    British civilian worked as warden for Jewish refugees at Woodcote House in Ascot, GB, 1945-1946; relief worker with Jewish Joint Distribution Committee as Director of Displaced Person Homes in Stroble, Austria, 1946-1948; emigrated to Israel, 1948

  • Sinclair, Hugh Peter (Oral history)

    Sinclair, Hugh Peter (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 1996-11-18


    German Jewish schoolchild and civilian in Munich, Germany, 1933-1939; refugee in GB, 1939-1940; private served with 219 Coy, Pioneer Corps in GB, 1940-1943; driver mechanic served with Royal Tank Regt in GB and India, 1943-1944; NCO served with General...

  • Epstein, Hedy (Oral history)

    Epstein, Hedy (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 1991-12-12


    German Jewish schoolchild in Kippenheim, Germany, 1933-1939; emigrated from Germany to GB on Kindertransport, 1939; refugee in GB, 1939-1945; worked for US War Department in Germany, 1945-1946; worked as researcher for Allied Prosecution during Nuremberg...

  • Fischer, Vernon Werner (Oral history)

    Fischer, Vernon Werner (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 1997-12


    Jewish schoolchild in Breslau, Germany, 1933-1939; emigrated on Kindertransport to GB, 6/1939; refugee in GB, 1939-1940; internee at Peel Internment Camp, Isle of Man, 1940-1941; worked in factory in Manchester, GB, 1941-1945

  • Fink, Alice (Oral history)

    Fink, Alice (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: IWM (Production company) 1997-11


    German Jewish schoolchild and nurse in Berlin, Germany, 1933-1938; emigrated to GB, 1938; nurse worked at Miller Hospital, Greenwich, London, GB, 1938-1946; volunteer with Jewish Committee for Relief Aboard in Bergen-Belsen Displaced Persons Camp,...

  • Elliott, Raymond (Oral history)

    Elliott, Raymond (Oral history)

    (sound) Made by: Wood, Conrad (recorder) 1997-11-04


    British schoolchild in St Ives, GB, 1939-1945; private served with 1st Bn Northamptonshire Regt in Italy, 1950-1951; served with 1st Bn Royal Norfolk Regt, 29th British Infantry Bde in Korea, 1951-1952