Scott, Peter William (Oral history)

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British seaman served as telegraphist aboard HMS Albrighton and HMS Wolfhound in English Channel and North Sea, 1944-1945, including Normandy landings, France, 6/1944.

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REEL 1: Aspects of period in GB, 1926-1943: family background in London; education; employment during war including cinema projectionist; description of air raids and fire-watching duties during Blitz; story about film ‘Dangerous Moonlight’ and Warsaw Concerto; joined Royal Navy as boy telegraphist at age 17 and a half, 1943. Aspects of training with Royal Navy in GB, 1943-1944: description of basic training at HMS Royal Arthur, Skegness and in Scotland, 6/1943-4/1944; drafted to frigate HMS Nith, 8/Mar/1944; posted to HMS Albrighton, 29/Mar/1944; description of training in Scotland for Normandy landings; issued with khaki uniform. Aspects of operations aboard HMS Albrighton during Normandy landings, France, 6/1944: description of landing on Gold Beach, 6/Jun/1944; duties as telegraphist with Beach Signals Unit relaying messages between beach master and HMS Albrighton; description of boarding ships to report on progress of unloading men and equipment; problem of big storm interrupting landings; opinion of rations; problem of having no electricity; amusing story of pedalling bicycle to power improvised dynamo; description of living conditions; story of visit to Bayeux; story of anti-personnel mine exploding near tent; remained on beach for six weeks before returning aboard US ship to Southampton. REEL 2 Continues: Aspects of period in London, GB, 1945: story of flying bomb exploding near Clapham Common; posted to destroyer HMS Wolfhound at Rosyth, Scotland. Aspects of operations aboard HMS Wolfhound in North Sea, 5-7/1945: description of duties at Bergen and Stavanger, Norway; story of voyage aboard landing craft to New York and return to GB aboard Queen Mary; demobilized at Chatham, 12/1946. Reads poem ‘Who Are These Men?’ written by schoolgirl in 1996. Various memories of post-war reunions in Normandy.

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