Perks, Leslie William (Bill) (Oral history)

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British seaman served aboard HMS Walker in GB coastal waters, Mediterranean, Arctic and English Channel, 1943-1945, including Normandy landings, France, 6/1944.

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REEL 1: Aspects of period in GB, 1925-1942: left school age14; employment; story of joining Royal Navy age 17. Aspects of training with Royal Navy in GB, 1942-1943: called up and posted to HMS Ganges for 10 weeks training; learned to swim wearing duck suit; posted to Harwich; opinion of training as seaman; first draft to Tobermory, Scotland; reason for deliberately failing asdic test; posted to HMS Walker at Chatham. Aspects of operations aboard HMS Walker in GB coastal waters, Mediterranean, Arctic and English Channel, 1943-1945: ship converted to long range destroyer; posted to Scotland; problem of seasickness; working up trials from base at Londonderry, Northern Ireland; description of escort duties to Gibraltar and Azores; story of refuelling in same neutral port as German ships; returned to Scotland and issued with cold weather gear; description of Arctic convoy leaving Greenock; number system used in convoy; description of weather conditions, watches and duties during Arctic convoys; location of action station near depth charges; story about officer washed overboard; description of chipping ice off ship; story of rescuing survivors from US Liberty ship William H Thayer following sinking, 30/Apr/1944; sailed to Milford Haven, GB; role of ship escorting US troops to beachhead during Normandy landings, France, 6/1944; description of escort duties along GB coastline; story about mess deck collapsing during storm on return from Russia; opinion of HMS Walker and crew; posted to Malta on draft ship; description of duties aboard minesweeper L76 in English Channel, Mediterranean and Adriatic, 1945-1946; drafted back to Chatham and demobilized, 1946. Post-war life and employment in GB.

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