Baron, Michael Aron (Mick) (Oral history)

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British seaman served as telegraphist aboard HMS Westminster in GB coastal waters, 1942-1944 and aboard LCT 740 and LCT 741 in English Channel and Mediterranean, 1944-1945.

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REEL 1: Aspects of period in GB, 1925-1942: family background, education and employment in Hampshire; story of enlisting with Royal Navy as telegraphist age 16, 1941; reason for proficiency in Morse; called up, 4/1942. Aspects of training with Royal Navy in GB, 4-11/1942: posted to Skegness for basic training; further training as telegraphist at Gordon’s Radio College, Aberdeen and Petersfield; posted to HMS Westminster at Rosyth, 11/1942. Aspects of operations as telegraphist aboard HMS Westminster in GB coastal waters, 11/1942-1944: description of duties escorting convoys along east coast including routes, ports, types of ships and cargoes; problem of attacks by E-boats and methods of defence; description of armaments on HMS Westminster; role as telegraphist; length of time and mileage escorting convoys; shore leave in Rosyth; story of sleeping through attack by E-boat on first voyage; size of escort and chain of command; relations with captain; posted to Sheerness, 1944. Aspects of operations as telegraphist aboard LCT 740 and LCT 741 in English Channel and Mediterranean, 1944-1945: description of loading tanks aboard LCT 740 at Falmouth, 6/1944; reason for not sailing on D-Day; crew of LCT and chain of command; posted to Far East aboard LCT 741, 1944; description of voyage to Malta via Portugal and Gibraltar; returned to GB following end of war in Far East, 8/1945. Aspects of period in GB, 1945-1985: posted to RNAS Arbroath, Scotland; description of duties with air sea rescue launches; demobilized, 1946; story of applying to Admiralty for employment; description of duties at Y Station in Scarborough monitoring Russian naval and diplomatic messages; role in operations during Falklands War, 1982.

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