Campbell, Alexander McCrobie (Oral history)

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British seaman served with Royal Navy in GB and Northern Ireland, 1942; seaman served with HMS Venomous in Atlantic and Mediterranean, 1942-1943; officer served with Royal Navy in Atlantic, GB coastal waters, Mediterranean and Far East, 1943-1946

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REEL 1 Background in Edinburgh, GB, 1923-1942: memories of childhood and family; decision to join of Royal Navy; outbreak of war; air raids in area; changes to education including desire for later work; civilian work; shelter taken from air raids; details of blackout; call-up; train journey to Torpoint. Aspects of period as seaman with Royal Navy in GB and Northern Ireland, 1942: details of period at HMS Raleigh including leisure activities; pattern of training; attitude to discipline. Aspects of operations as seaman with HMS Venomous in Atlantic and Mediterranean, 1942-1943: abortion of first convoy posting; details of pay; sleeping arrangements; details of HMS Venomous; memories of commanding officer; details of duties and watches; memories of colleagues; rations including cooking of meals; cutlery; cocoa; bath in Belfast; washing facilities onboard. REEL 2 Continues: knowledge of next posting; escort of convoy from Freetown to Gibraltar including collection of survivors from sunk ship, burial of casualties at sea and dropping of depth charges; air raids during escort duties on North African coast including on Christmas, 1942, and anti-aircraft fire; seasickness; further details of convoy duties including opposition faced; drinking onshore; tests before officer training; details of period in officer training; subsequent courses undertaken; voyage to US. Aspects of operations as officer with Royal Navy in Atlantic, GB coastal waters, Mediterranean and Far East, 1943-1946: duties in New York; posting to Savannah; accommodation; theft of ship’s keys; re-fit of ship at Charlestown; details of ship including accommodation; period in Bermuda; details of watches. REEL 3 Continues: story of stop-off in Azores; process of minesweeping; activities following delay of D-Day, 5/6/1944; activities and scenes on and after D-Day, 6/6/1944, including problems from oyster mines; re-supply on Isle of Wight; description of ship’s sinking; survivor’s leave including story of flight in Fairey Swordfish and meeting of wife; journey to Newfoundland; joining of ship; minesweeping in Mediterranean including sinking off Corfu and memories of commanding officers; minesweeping with US in Far East; sailing into Hong Kong harbour; relationship with civilians; leisure activities. REEL 4 Continues: supply of rations; Christmas 1945; end of war; return to Mediterranean including duties as commanding officer; visits of officers onboard; process of demobilisation; civilian work.

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