Haag, Inga (Oral history)

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German civilian served with Abwehr in Germany, France and Romania, 1940-1945

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REEL 1 Background in Germany and GB, 1920s-1940: anti-Nazi stance of parents; family; memories of childhood; contact with Jewish civilians; help given by father to emigrating Jews; education and life in GB and Germany; memories of family and friends; reason for education in GB; desire to wear Star of David; background to gaining work with Abwehr. Aspects of period as civilian with Abwehr in Germany, France and Romania, 1940-1945: posting to Paris after occupation; courier work taking passports to Jews; work on records relating to visits to Spain of Admiral Canaris; safe officers in Abwehr and contact with them; life in German- occupied Paris; details of posting in Romania. REEL 2 Continues: life in Paris; details of plotting against Hitler in Paris including duties and contact with General Beck; attitudes toward Heinrich Himmler and Herrmann Goring; story of meeting with and impressions of Adolf Hitler; further details of plotting against Hitler within Abwehr including 20 July Plot; opinion of weaknesses among plotters; details of postings during war; discussion of 20 July Plot and its aftermath including change of tack of German resistance; fate of Admiral Canaris. REEL 3 Continues: activities in Romania at time of 20 July Plot; father's advice about knowledge of plotting; German civilian knowledge of Holocaust during war; evacuation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs; first contact with US troops. Aspects of period as civilian in various places from 1945: background to gaining work with Military Government; details of work with Military Government and NATO; fear of Russians; period husband was POW; discussion of de- Nazification programme; fascism and persecution of Jews in Hungary and Romania; details of award received from German Government; attendance at 20 July Plot commemoration; attitude of British Government to anti-Nazi plotters.

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