Hollingworth, Clare (Oral history)

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British civilian war correspondent for Daily Telegraph in Europe and Middle East, 1939-1945. Correspondent for Guardian and Daily Telegraph in Vietnam and China, 1960s-1980s

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REEL 1 Aspects of family background. Recollections of life during early twentieth century, 1920s and 1930s: early interest in conflict; memories of First World War; education; joining League of Nations Union, 1930s. Recollections of work as war correspondent, 1939-1945: move to Poland as News Chronicle's official for Fund for Refugees for Sudetenland; reporting for Daily Telegraph on German invasion of Poland, 9/1939; situation in Poland during invasion; visiting Polish air bases; question of credits/bi lines on stories written for Daily Telegraph. REEL 2 Continues: return to UK, late 1939; move to France, early 1940; attempts to get to Balkans; situation in Romania; story of how she escaped arrest by Iron Guard; difficulties of getting stories out of country; brief description of period in Greece, 1941; witnessing fighting; move to Egypt; daily press conferences for correspondents; knowledge of military matters; memories of General Wavell, Auchinleck and Montgomery; lack of female correspondents; story of how she accompanied Col Ralph Neville into desert; attitude towards fear; system of getting stories out of country; question of censorship. REEL 3 Continues: journey to Iran; interviewing Shah of Persia, Mohammed Reza Pahlevi; brief description of work for Chicago Daily Telegraph; visit to Crete at time of German surrender; attitude towards danger of life as war correspondent; witnessing destruction of King David hotel by bomb, 7/1946; impact of Second World War on women correspondents; covering hard news/ front line stories; question of quality of war reporting during Second World War; difficulties in getting stories out. REEL 4 [difficulties with interview on this reel due to interviewee being extremely hard of hearing and nearly blind] Continues: memories of Kim Philby and Mclean in Cairo; breaking story of Philby's defection. Recollections of work as defence correspondent post-war: reporting on Algerian independence struggle for Guardian; relationship with Fronte de Liberation Nationale and OAS; winning 'Correspondent of Year' for work, 1962; question of political bias when working for Guardian and Daily Telegraph. REEL 5 Continues: working relationship with General De Gaulle; vague memories of reporting on events Sarawak and Aden; move to Vietnam to report on Vietnam war for Daily Telegraph, 1968; atmosphere in Saigon; working relationship with Americans; attitude towards lack of US success in Vietnam; places visited in Vietnam; question of special treatment for women journalists; move to China as Daily Telegraph correspondent, 1973; memories of Zhou Enlai; atomsphere in China towards end of Cultural Revolution; visits to China by Henry Kissinger. REEL 6 Continues: Margaret Thatcher's visit to China; position of Deng Xiaoping; importance of having interpreter; opinion of People's Liberation Army; witnessing demonstrations in Tienamen Square and actions of troops, 1989. Reflections on career: attitude towards television news journalism; changes in newspaper world during career; differences in reporting today; change in technology; change in nature of conflict since 1939; attitude towards women in combat roles. REEL 7 Continues: attitude towards situation in North Africa and Middle East today; impact of better communications on media world; importance of typewriters; importance of networking; attitude towards working with pool of journalists; more information of trip into desert with Col Neville; difficulty for female war correspondents; clothing for work as war correspondent; importance of 'White Card' for getting into GHQ; lack of discrimination against her as a woman. Recollections of handover of Hong Kong to China, 1997. Aspects of life in 2001: continuing contact with Daily Telegraph; desire to continue war reporting.

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