Cheng, Maximo Anthony (Oral history)

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Chinese private served with Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Force in Hong Kong, 1941; POW in Hong Kong, 1941-1942; escaped to India, 1942; NCO served with 142 Company, Hong Kong Volunteers attached to 4/9th Bn Gurkha Rifles, Morris Force during Second Chindit Expedition in Burma, 1944

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REEL 1 Background in Panama and Hong Kong, 1921-1941: family; education. Aspects of period as volunteer with Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Force in Hong Kong, 1938-1941: enlistment in unit; training; character of Hong Kong's defences; opinion of Japanese forces; fifth column in Hong Kong. Recollections of operations with 4th Bty, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Force during Battle of Hong Kong, 12/1941: outbreak of war; mobilisation and attack on Kai Tek airport; shelling of unit's emplacement and advantage Japanese had of high ground; role of battery in preventing Japanese attempt to cross to Hong Kong island, night 17/12/1941-18/12/1941; Japanese concentration on North Point and move towards their gun position; retreat towards Stanley fort; desertions from unit; surrender at Stanley, 25/12/1941. Aspects of period as POW in Hong Kong, 1941-1942: separation of civilians and military POWs; move to North Point; rations at Shamshuipo POW Camp. REEL 2 Continues: supplementing of rations; grouping together of non-British volunteers; obtaining winter fuel; learning chess; work at Kai Tek Airport; railway work at Taipo Kau; trading between POWs and civilians; background to release of Chinese POWs, 8/9/1942. Aspects of escape from Hong Kong to India via China, 1942: character of journey from Hong Kong into Chinese territory, 10/1942; arrival in Kweilin; meeting with British Army Aid Group at Kweilin; flight over The Hump to India. Period with British Army in India, from 1942: joining British Army in Calcutta; move to Deolali; physical training; invitation from Brigadier Mike Calvert to join Chindits; start of jungle training. REEL 3 Continues: Recollections of operations as corporal with 142 Company, Hong Kong Volunteers attached to 4/9th Bn Gurkha Rifles, Morris Force during Second Chindit Expedition in Burma, 1944: move into Burma, 8/3/1944; scarcity of water rations; capture of Katha and Bhamo; role it stopping Japanese forces advancing on Myitkyina; role attached to 4th/9th Bn Gurkha Rifles; march towards Myitkyina; flight out of Kwitu; problems of fleas and leeches; living conditions during expedition; relations with Kachins and Shans; air drops; Japanese defensive positions; character of fighting in monsoon; weight loss; evacuation with malaria; importance of Chindit operations. Aspects of military service in India and return to Hong Kong, 1944-1997: commissioning as officer, 8/1945; duties in India, 1945; attitude towards end of the war. REEL 4 Continues: return to Hong Kong, 1/1946; job as factory inspector; Hong Kong's economic recovery; refugees from Communist China, 1949; degree of concern about handover of Hong Kong to China, 1997.

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