Lam, David (Oral history)

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Chinese private served with 4 Coy, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Force during Battle of Hong Kong, 12/1941; POW in Hong Kong, 1941-1942; served with British Army Aid Group in China, 1942-1945

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REEL 1 Background in Hong Kong, 1923-1939: family; education. Aspects of period with 13 Platoon, 4 Machine Gun Coy, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Force in Hong Kong, 1939- 1941: reasons for joining organisation; nature of defences in Hong Kong, 1939-1941; intensification of training during 1941. Recollections of operations with 13 Platoon, 4 Machine Gun Coy, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Force in Hong Kong, 12/1941: mobilisation of unit from training camp at Fanling, 8/12/1944; Japanese bombing of his unit's positions on the Peak; move to Magazine Gap, Wong Nei Chong Gap and Boake Hill, 18/12/1941; orders to prevent looting; taking up positions on the Peak; unit casualties; instructions to surrender; scene at Wong Nei Chong Gap after actions; opinion of Japanese troops. Aspects of period as POW in Hong Kong, 1941-1942: character of surrender; conditions in Kennedy Road quarters; character of march to Shamshuipo Camp; segregation of Chinese volunteers; move to Argyll Street Camp and role as batman to officer Keith Valentine. REEL 2 Continues: trading cigarettes with Japanese soldier; work in kitchen; rations available; reason for release of Chinese POWs, 17/8/1942. Story of journey from Hong Kong into China. Recollections of period with British Army Aid Group in China, 1942-1945: arrival in Weichow and reporting to unit; suspected double agent; background to formation of unit; role in commanding Y station; role monitoring Japanese air and naval activity during Operation Frigate from 8/1943; surveillance point overlooking Kai Tek Airport and Lei Mun Pass; result of first US Air Force air raid on Hong Kong; capture by Communist guerrillas, 15/10/1943. REEL 3 Continues: release from Communist captivity, 25/12/1943; return to headquarters in Kweilin; counter espionage role in Kweilin and Kunming; reaction to end of Second World War, 1945. Aspects of period with Hong Kong Police from 1945: background to return to Hong Kong, 1947; joining Special Branch of Hong Kong Police; role of Communists in Hong Kong; transfer to North Borneo; question of discrimination against Chinese in police force; deportation of Communists; degree of concern about Chinese take-over of Hong Kong; press censorship in Hong Kong post 1997; question Hong Kong not receiving independence; work with Special Branch in North Borneo and elsewhere; question of continuing Communism in China.

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