Xavier, Bernard Felix (Oral history)

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Portuguese signalman served with Royal Navy in Hong Kong, 1940-1941; worked as OSS agent in Macao, 1941-1945

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REEL 1 Background in Hong Kong, 1920-1938: family; education. Various aspects of period with Shanghai Police, 1938- 1939: character of training; reasons for leaving police. Aspects of period as signalman with Royal Navy in Hong Kong and Singapore, 1940-1941: training as signaller on board HMS Tamar; joining HMS Thracian in Singapore; Japanese agent Richards who operated in Hong Kong; build up of tension before Japanese attack on Hong Kong. Recollections of Japanese attack on Hong Kong, 12/1941: character of Japanese attack; role helping evacuate troops from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island. REEL 2 Continues: hearing stories of Japanese troop's behaviour from Royal Scots; scuttling of HMS Barlight; surrender of Hong Kong, 25/12/1941; advice he received from his officer, 25/12/1941; treatment of his family by Japanese troops; aid received from Portuguese consulate, 25/12/1941. Recollections of journey to Kweilin, China via Macao and recruitment to OSS, 1942: aid given by British consul in Macao; junk voyage from Macao to China, 1942; arrival at British Army Aid Group Headquarters in Kweilin; story of football match in Kweilin; approach to OSS. REEL 3 Continues: employment as US agent. Recollections of period as OSS agent in Macao, 1942-1945: his mission to Macao; contacting German intermediary to get into Japanese Headquarters; his offer to give Japanese information about Kweilin air base; information he gave Japanese; interrogations by Japanese; going into hiding; joining police; US Air Force attack on shipping from information he gave. Aspects of life after 1945: reaction to lack of recognition at end of Second World War; migration to GB, 12/1950; jobs in Isleworth area. REEL 4 Continues: life in GB. Aspects of period in Hong Kong, Macao and Kweilin, 1941-1945: personnel in British Army Aid Group; tension between British and US personnel; fake fight he staged with US serviceman; beating received from Japanese guard in Honk Kong after surrender; memories of Jack Braga his contact man in Macao.

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