Bromley, Raymond Arthur (Oral history)

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British seaman served aboard HMS Mohawk in Mediterranean and during Norwegian campaign, 1939-1941 including sinking 4/1941; served aboard HMS Jervis and HMS Panther in Mediterranean and Indian Ocean, 1941-1943; served with N1 Commando in Italy, 1943-1945

Content description

REEL 1 Background in Brighton, 1921-1938: family; education; enlistment in Royal Navy, 1938. Recollections of operations as seaman aboard HMS Mohawk in Mediterranean and Norwegian Campaign, 1939-1941: joining ship in Alexandria, 9/1939; contraband patrols in eastern Mediterranean; his action station; treatment of German survivor after Battle of Cape Matapan, 3/1941; landings at Mo in Norway; arming of crew for potential boarding of Altmark, 2/1940; occasion when Norwegian gunboat requested ship leave Norwegian territorial waters, 2/1940; bombing of ship in Firth of Forth, 1940; Lord Haw Haw claim that HMS Mohawk and HMS Kelly would never leave River Tyne; evacuation of Dutch VIPs from the The Hook, 5/1940; rescue of HMS Gallant from minefield off Pantelleria, 1940; sinking of ship in Mediterranean, 16/4/1941. REEL 2 Continues: actions in eastern Mediterranean, 1940-1941; role at Fort St Angelo in Malta after rescue, 4/1941. Aspects of operations as seaman aboard HMS Jervis in Mediterranean, 1941: attending wounded shipmate 'Soapy' Watson; role of ship in evacuation of Crete, 5/1941. Aspects of operations as seaman aboard HMS Panther in Indian Ocean, 1942: drafting to ship; ashore in Madagascar during landings, 1942; contact with Italian POWs; his attitude to drafting to big ships. Aspects of period with N1 Commando in GB, 1/1943-7/1943: volunteering for unit, 7/1/1943; commando training in Inverary area. REEL 3 Continues: membership of N1 Commando. Recollections of operations as seaman with N1 Commando in Italy, 1943-1945: landing on Red Beach during Sicilian landings, 7/1943; memories of commanding officer; landings at Reggio di Calabria, 9/1943; landings at Sapri, 9/1943; landings by DUKW at Anzio, 1/1944; story of serviceman's narrow escape from shelling by 'Anzio Annie'; story of commanding officer John Russell losing his leg c3/1944; move to Adriatic coastline; deception work on Adriatic coastline; hospitality of US Army at Porto San Giorgio, 1945. REEL 4 Continues: story of his adventures on a motorcycle and threat of court martial; fate of General Alexander's stolen staff car; unit's occupation of lighthouse on Corsica, 3/1944; disbanding of unit at Dundonald, 11/1945.

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