Tremble, John Robert (Oral history)

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British civilian in Liverpool, GB, 1939-1941; aircraftman served as driver/mechanic in GB, Iraq and Iran, 1941-1942; served on ground duties with 601 Sqdn, RAF in North Africa and Italy, 1942-1945; served with 244 Wing, RAF in Palestine, 1945-1946

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REEL 1 Background in Liverpool, GB, 1924-1939: family; education; employment. Aspects of period as civilian in Liverpool, GB, 1939-1941: enlistment in Home Guard; rescue work in Everton area and civilian casualties; German Air Force machine gunning of fire crews; devastation caused by blowing up of ammunition ship in Liverpool Docks, 5/1941; public morale during bombing; treatment of shot down German aircrew; visit of King and Queen; hits on air raid shelters in Liverpool. Aspects of enlistment and training with RAF in GB, 1941: enlistment in RAF, 6/1941; opinion of quality of training received as driver mechanic. REEL 2 Continues: duties as despatch rider, autumn 1941. Aspects of voyage from GB to Iraq via South Africa, 1941-1942: embarking on Dominion Monarch in Liverpool; duties on board; punishment for self inflicted wound of sunburn; reception by The Lady in White, Perla Gibson; reception in South Africa; transfer to Royal Indian Navy troopship for voyage from India to Basra, Iraq. Aspects of period as driver/mechanic with RAF in Iraq and Persia, 1942: assembly work at RAF Shaibah; duties at RAF Habbaniyah; contact with Polish refugees in Persia. Recollections of operations as ground crew with 601 Sqdn, RAF in North Africa and Italy, 1942-1945: joining squadron at Landing Ground 189 in Egypt; advance into Tunisia, 1942- 1943; general duties; medical problems of serving in desert; washing in petrol; job directing Supermarine Spitfires on landing. REEL 3 Continues: move to Italy, 1943; opinion of squadron; role as ambulance driver; operational strain on pilots; personnel morale and question of lack of moral fibre in squadron; German Air Force attacks on airfield; reaction to end of the war; squadron role escorting surrendered Italian Fleet into Malta. Aspects of period as driver/mechanic with 244 Wing, RAF in Palestine, 1945-1946: move to Palestine, 6/1945; role of unit to assist Palestine Police; sabotage of Supermarine Spitfires and machine gunning of fire fighters at RAF Petah Tikva, 6/1945; attacks on British troops; restrictions to barracks after blowing up of King David Hotel in Jerusalem; attitude to leaving Palestine, 5/1946.

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