Maloubier, Robert 'Bob' (Oral history)

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French officer served with F Section, Special Operations Executive with Salesman Circuit in France, 1943-1944

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REEL 1 Background in Paris, France, 1923-1940: family; education; attempt to escape to GB, 1940. Aspects of enlistment and training with Special Operations Executive in GB, 1942-1943: story of escape from Bizerte, Tunisia, 11/1942; background to recruitment to Special Operations Executive; opinion of security in field; character of recruits. Recollections of operations as officer with F Section, Special Operations Executive with Salesman Circuit in France, 1943-1944: arrangements for parachute drop into France, summer 1943; his cover identity and story; his reception; reaction to abundance of food in Normandy; German presence in Rouen; false alert after police raid on blackmarketeers; work as saboteur; training members of resistance; plans to attack Rouen power station. REEL 2 Continues: signalling RAF Mosquito squadron to attack power station; impossibility of attacking main power station; sabotage attack on power station sub-station, 10/1943; escape from German cordon; subsequent sabotage attacks including attack on German blockade runner; German attempts to find those responsible for sabotage; sabotage of railway junction box in support of Normandy landings at Le Havre, 6/1944; wiping out of resistance in Normandy and return to London, GB; failure of Special Operations Executive to identify imposturous wireless operators; story of wounding by German police at Elfoeuf, late 1943; recovering from wound; evacuation from France by Lockheed Hudson arranged by Henri Dericourt, 2/1942; contact with Henri Dericourt. REEL 3 Continues: questions of degree of suspicions about Henri Dericourt; his pick up by Lockheed Hudson, 6/2/1944; reception committee in GB, 7/2/1944; maintaining contact with Henri Dericourt; question of Henri Dericourt’s reaction to accusations against him; Henri Dericourt’s air crash in Vosges Mountains, 1944; Henri Dericourt’s post-war arrest and trial, 1948; story of Henri Dericourt’s disappearance over Laos, 1960; his parachute drop into Marquis in Haute-Vienna, 6/1944; operations against German Das Reich Division. REEL 4 Continues: role training Marquis; sabotage operations against railway used by German Das Reich Division to move towards Normandy; withdrawal of German troops from Limousin; method of German surrender; trapping of German troops in Vichy area; his release from German captivity on condition he escorted German wounded to safety.

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