Boiteux-Burdett, Robert Rene (Oral history)

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French officer served with F Section, Special Operations Executive in France and Force 136, Special Operations Executive in Ceylon, Burma and Sumatra, Dutch East Indies, 1942-1945

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REEL 1 Background in GB, France and Kenya, 1907-1940: family education in GB and France; employment in Kenya; escape from France to GB via Spain, 1940. Aspects of recruitment and training with Special Operations Executive in GB, 1942: background to recruitment; opinion of training; preparations for operations in France. Recollections of operations as officer with F Section, Special Operations Executive in France, 1942-1944: story of receiving agent Captain Hayward, who broke his legs; parachute drop into France; finding accommodation; making contact with French Resistance; issues of personal security; narrow escape from Gestapo at lodgings; assuming disguise and its failure; return to GB, 1943. REEL 2 Continues: degree of resistance in Lyon area; return to Marseilles, 1944; question of size of local Resistance group in Marseilles; training resisters in zoo; story of German attack on Marquis group, 3/6/1944; his wounding and escape from action, 6/1944; failure of resisters to aid in reception of air dropped personnel and supplies, 6/1944. Aspects of period as officer with Force 136, Special Operations Executive in Ceylon, Burma and Sumatra, Dutch East Indies, 1942-1945: training in Ceylon; prior recollection off poor security of French Resistance; parachute drop near Bassein, Burma; inadequacy of lights during parachute drop; work with Burmese resistance group; motive of Burmese fighters; parachute drop into Sumatra, Dutch East Indies to liberate POW camp. REEL 3 Continues: reception of former POWs at St John’s Island in Singapore. Aspects of period as officer with Control Commission Germany in Germany, 1946-1947: control of Displaced Persons camp; background to emigration to Australia.

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