Sansom, Odette Marie Céline (Oral history)

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British officer served with F Section, Special Operations Executive in GB and France, 1942-1943; inmate in Fresnes Prison and Ravensbruck camp, 5/1943-5/1945

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REEL 1 Aspects of enlistment and training with Special Operations Executive in GB, 1942-1943: background to enlistment with Special Operations Executive; motivation for enlistment; factors in decision to enlist; attitude towards Germans; impressions of Colonel Maurice Buckmaster; character of training; acceptance of risks of service; opinion of training. Aspects of period as agent with Special Operations Executive in France, 1943: voyage to France; character of Reseau in Cannes. Recollections of period as inmate in Fresnes Prison, Paris, France, 1943: resisting Gestapo questions; attitude towards torture; conversation with German guard. REEL 2 Continues: reasons for attitude of defiance in captivity; use of name Churchill in Ravensbruck; further details of defiant attitude in captivity; controlling SS guard; contact with other F Section prisoners; suspicion of betrayal. Recollections of period as inmate in Ravensbruck concentration camp, 1943-1945: arrival in camp; conditions in camp; case of cannibalism; punishment in camp. REEL 3 Continues: physical condition on release from camp; feelings on return to GB and experience of wartime service. Reflections on captivity, 1943-1945: attitude to her biography and film; receiving news of award of George Cross; deprivation of privileges in Fresnes Prison.

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