Nethercott, Ian Alan (Oral history)

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British able seaman gunlayer served aboard HMS Keith during operations in Hook of Holland and during evacuation of Boulogne and Dunkirk, 5/1940 including sinking by Junkers Ju 87 Stuka attacks off Dunkirk, 1/6/1940

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REEL 1 Family and educational background. Recruitment to Royal Navy, 1938. Recollections of period as gunlayer of 2 pdr pom pom aboard HMS Keith during operations in Hook of Holland, ca 5/1940: ship's armament; rescue of HMS Stewart; mining of ship; destruction of German seaplanes; attempt to breach sea wall; flight of Dutch ships to GB; refusal to embark Dutch army band; fires in town; failure to hit attacking German aircraft. Recollections of evacuation of Boulogne and Dunkirk, France, 5/1940-6/1940: problem in disembarking panic stricken troops; dumping of cars in harbour; embarkation of civilians and wounded troops. REEL 2 Continues: bombardment by French gunboats; German shelling; firing at German troops; embarking of troops; German mass air attack on ship; jamming of pom pom; decapitation of gunlayer; discipline of Irish Guards; extrication of ship from situation; casualties and damage; personal injuries and morale; exhaustion of crew; repairs to ship; relationship between regulars and conscripts; warning of danger from new captain; danger of 'Route X'; evacuating troops at Dunkirk; view of observation balloon; absence of RAF. REEL 3 Continues: German fire on ship; troops booing at killing of their pets; bombardment of German positions at Nieuport; sinking following successful mass Stuka attack; German machine gunning of survivors in water; period in water and concussive effects of bombing; rescue and exhausted condition on return to GB; problem with sand dunes at Nieuport; foggy conditions during evacuation; bombardment at Calais; change in personal feelings concerning firing on helpless men.

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